Rinehart Musky Buzer Lure

Rinehart Musky Buzer Lure

The Rinehart Musky Buzer Lure was a creation of the Fred Rhinehart Tackle Company out of Ohio. The Musky Buzzer lure was first introduced in 1948 and made through 1962. At 5″ the Musky Surface buzzer antique lure was the largest of the molded plastic (Tenite) lures offered by the Fred Rhinehart Company. Expounding upon the success of its smaller brethren the Jinx the Buzer filled a certain niche inside the Rhinehart line up.

We have a Rinehart Musky Buzer Lure in con consignment this week and can be viewed by clicking below.
Rinehart Musky Buzer Lure
If you have lures you would like to sell or consign, please contact me.

The paperwork for the Buzer states “The Musky Surface Lure Buzer is a top water lure floats high and makes a buzzing noise. The Spinners make a commotion on the surface that attract the Musky and Pike. Also Salt water Game Fish. Made in Tenite, in hard durable finishes that will not crack peel or chip. Recommended for Musky, Great Northern Pike and other large fresh and salt water game fish. Weight approximately one ounce and a quarter, length 5 inches. Packed in individual boxes one dozen to master box in assorted color or straight patterns.”

The Musky Buzer was made in the three categories of finishes, Transparent, Not Transparent and Luminous. Inside these three categories an astonishing amount of variations were available, […]

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South Bend Min Oreno Lure

South Bend Min Oreno Lure

The South Bend Min Oreno Lure was first introduced around 1933 and was gone by 1939. This antique fishing lure made by the South Bend Bait Company was given a model number 927. The Minn Oreno fishing lures shown below are the Jr and middle sized version, or standard size, as there is a Musky version produced as well. This wooden lure is a flat slab bout 1/4″ in width in shape, with a sloping forehead leading to a pointed nose and dive plate. The Min Oreno was always made with painted eyes, and traditional South Bend Painted cups. This version had two treble hooks to catch its prey. 

The Min Oreno was made in a series of paint scheme finishes.
P Pike Scale Finish
RSF Scale Finish Red Blend
RW Red Arrowhead White Body
RY Red Arrowhead Yellow Head
SF Scale FInish
YP Yellow Perch

As stated in the 1933 Catalog: “All previous imitations of swimming minnows are eclipsed by the new life like action of the Min Oreno. It is vibrant with enticing maneuvers every second. The slender body is guided in its upright, alluring path by the stainless steel angled head plate. The RSF finish closely resembles a sucker.  The Min Oreno is made in three sizes for the smaller game fish, to the husky great Northern Pike, Pickerel, and Muskie.Even smaller salt water species are fascinated by this new “wonder lure” which was […]

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Paw Paw Sucker Antique Lure

Paw Paw Sucker Antique Lure

The Paw Paw Sucker Antique Lure is a kind of a misunderstood lure, starting with its own name, as its not a Sucker but and Old Chub Lure. This antique fishing lure dates into the 1930’s with its target market being large game fish such as the larger Bass, the Great Northern Pike and Muskie. The Paw Paw Bait Company located in Paw Paw Michigan donned it a model 4000.

Despite the erroneous information most of the written lure guides out there have printed, giving it a everything from a model 2700 to a 2400, its a model 4000. This Paw Paw Bait Company wooden lure has painted tack eyes two treble hooks and measures roughly 4 1/4″ in length. The antique lure has a traditional cup style hardware on the belly of the lure, and uses a screw eye at the rear. The lure can be found in a couple different body shape variations, one being a bit taller than the other. 

This antique fishing lure is considered more scarce then your average Paw Paw fishing lure. The lure was produced in seven standard color finishes.

4003 – Green Scale
4004 – White, Red Head
4005 – Pearl Finish
4006 – Silver Scale
4007 – Gold Scale (Shown in the Gallery Below)
4008 – Frog Finish
4012 – Metallic Finish

Paw Paw Sucker Antique Lure

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Heddon Musky Flap Tail Lure

Heddon Musky Flap Tail Lure

The Heddon Musky Flap Tail Lure was first introduced around 1935. This antique fishing lure was given the model number 7050 inside the Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan’s lure line up. While not the largest in the Flap Tail series this wooden lure measures 5″ in length. The lure can be found with different size glass eyes, even with tack as shown in the gallery. The lure comes with two larger treble hooks, both secured with heavy duty toilet seat hardware. The lure like its brethren gets its name from the rear trailing flasher attached.

In 1941 we see that the Musky lure was offered in 7 standard colors
BM – Brown Mouse
GM – Grey Mouse
S – Spotted
R – Natural Scale
02 – Red and White
SS – Silver Scale
P – Shiner Scale

At fair speed the “Flaptail Musky” creates the liveliest surface commotion and brings strikes from big lazy Muskies which only “followed” other lures. Fine reports come from everywhere on its luring and hooking qualities. Built extra strong for heavy duty. Length 5 1/4″, weight 1oz. Two Treble Hooks. Equipped with a wire leader. “Mouse” has ears and whiskers and fur finish.

Musky Flap Tail Lure Catalog Cut Musky Flap Tail Lure Catalog Cut

Heddon Musky Flap Tail Photo Gallery

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South Bend Muskie Surf Oreno Lure

South Bend Muskie Surf Oreno Lure

The South Bend Muskie Surf Oreno Lure was given a model series number 964. The South Bend Bait Company, out of South Bend Indiana wanting to expound up the success of its smaller or little brother introduced this first version in 1925 and kept it until around 1929. I say first version as there are two very distinct and different versions of the same lure, the later of which would show up around 1936. This first version antique lure was a giant and measured in at 5 1/2″ in length, and almost 2 inches longer then its next in line smaller brother.

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Creek Chub Husky Musky Lure

Creek Chub Husky Musky Lure

The Creek Chub Husky Musky Lure was first introduced in 1919. This large wooden lure made by the Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett Indiana had a model number 600. While its said its intent was to be salt water fished lure as it was first introduced in Mullet Scale only it can not be disputed this is for large fish. The Husky Musky measures in at 5″ in length and is a solid lure when girth is included. The earliest or early versions of the Husky Musky had a flat head such as the red and white one shown in the gallery. The lure dates to around 1922 and has the flat head, no eyes and double line tie. The antique lure utilized a heavy duty wire through construction to ensure its strength could match it prey. The lure having two large trebles secured with a heavy duty rigging to make sure once on, its catch would stay secured. The other Example shown in Silver flash below dates to between 1935 and 1954. The lure when compared to the other example has just a single line tie and a rounded head adorn with larger glass eyes.

The Husky Musky lure as stated above intiially was produced in Mullet scale only , however, five standard colors were produced. The lure was also available in special order finishes so keep your eyes our for some other great […]

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Smithwick Lure Early Sales Sheet

Smithwick Lure Early Sales Sheet

Here is a great Smithwick Lure Early Sales Sheet that I found among some other early Miscellaneous fishing lure dealer sheets. By Looking at the classic baits we know its early, unfortunately, there is no date stamped on this one like some of the others. I would bet this would be late 1940’s early 1950’s as that is the date ranges we see some of the lure such as the Stud Duck and My Pet appear.

Also included is a copy of the original Box and paperwork for the Top and Bottom.

Smithwick Top n Bottom Box Cover and Paperwork

Top N Bottom

The All season Lure

For Bass, Muskie, and Pike

This is an unreal lure for surface, popping and below surface fishing. The design of this lure is such that it can be handled just as effective by the novice as it can by the Expert. There is no certain speed required to give the lure action.

For Surface

Such as over mossed, edge of lily pads, and in water below one foot depth. Retrieve the lure very slowly. The proper speed is just enough that you can see the water ripple on the surface caused by the tail action of the lure.

For Popping

A quick backward movement of the rod will cause the lure to run deep on approximately 45 degree angle. Return the rod forward allowing […]

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Heddon Musky Vamp Lure

Heddon Musky Vamp Lure

The Heddon Musky Vamp Lure is a series model number 7600. The antique Heddon lure first appears in 1925 and is housed in a giant box made especially for the Heddon Musky Vamp Minnow Lure. This rather large antique lure is sometimes affectionately referred to as the Baseball Bat Vamp for its 8″ length. This wooden, glass eyed lure, was used obviously for big game fish such such as Musky and Pike, as well as there are salt water colors for use on the briny brethren on this lure as well. The antique Heddon lure features a giant box swivel at the front, heavy duty L Rig hardware underneath holding 3 massive treble hooks to secure its catch once caught.

The Giant Straight Vamp as it can be found listed as in some of the Heddon antique lure catalogs, really is just a larger creation, or super sized, from the standard 7500 series lure in every way, including the addition of the nose pin. Heddon also made a 7550 series 6″ Musky Vamp adding to the some times confusion to the identification process with non antique lure collectors. Attempting to collect all the different colors of this lure can be a collection that can take many many years, or a life time of collecting to complete due to the scarcity and rarity of some of the Heddon Musky Vamp Lure colors.

Some of the colors available to collect […]

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South Bend Lunge Oreno Lure

South Bend Lunge Oreno Lure

The South Bend Lunge Oreno Lure was first introduced in 1932. Produced at 1108 South High Street, South Bend Indiana this antique fishing lure was given a model series 966. The lure was touted by Ivar Hennings the president of the South Bend Bait Company as being the best Muskie Surface Lure produced. That statement would fall short of its goal as the lure was produced for only 10 years and was out of production by 1942.

The lure itself is a large wooden antique fishing lure measuring 7 1/4 in length, and weighing 2 1/2 oz. The earliest version of this lure was produced with glass eyes for a very short time then to the painted tack eyes shown below in the photo gallery. The lure also originally was made with two, a front and rear prop, but would transition into having only 1 large front prop made of aluminum. The lure was was made with three large treble hooks to secure its catch. Made with a heavy duty wire through construction to withstand even the largest musky.

The lure was produced in four standard finishes:
P Pike Scale Finish
RH Red Head White Body
RSF Scale Finish Red Blend
Y Yellow With Spots

The 1932 South Bend Bait Company Catalog States: “Several extraordinary features are incorporated in the design of the thrill producing Lunge Oreno. Its strong Construction includes a heavy wire through […]

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Shakespeare Musky Trolling Minnow Lure

Shakespeare Musky Trolling Minnow Lure

The Shakespeare Musky Trolling Minnow Lure was first introduced around 1924. This model 972 made by the Shakespeare Bait Company, of Kalamazoo, Michigan measures 5″ in length. This antique spinning lure came with a front fluted spinner attached to the shaft of the rig. The lure has the traditional red paint on the back half of the spoon, and is labeled on the front. The lure was followed by a 3 prong dressed and bound stacked deer hair tail. The stacked deer hair was woven or held together over the shafts (Sometimes referred to as the bug) of the hooks leaving the tip shank open, or exposed. This antique lure setup was available in three different sizes, Bass, Pike and Muskie, and larger game fish.

Shakespeare Musky Trolling Minnow Lure Photo Gallery

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Hobbs Supply Bon Net Lure

Hobbs Supply Bon Net Lure

The Hobbs Supply Bon Net Lure was a 6 fishing hook Minnow. This wooden glass eyed bait was Circa 1952 and measured in at 3 5/8″ in length. The antique fishing lure had 6 hooks and used what collectors term as surface hardware. The Bon Net underwater minnow was made in the image of the Heddon Musky Lure the series 300 specifically. The Hobbs Supply Company was located out of Eu Claire Wisconsin. The Hobbs supply company was started by two brothers Bert and Tom and were in the Piping trade business in the early 1900’s. They made the move to move of a wholesale type business in the mid teens and split into a few different entities, Bartingale Mechanical being one of them. The wholesale side of things would eventually actually contract the Arnold Bait Company of Paw Paw Michigan to make the Bon-Net minnow lure. Its written that they contracted 2 different batches, both being 6000 lures. That would also explain the box stating it was manufactured for distribution by W. H Hobbs Supply Company.

The box also states its a proven killer for Muskies and Northern Pike. I’m not sure how it couldn’t with the six very large treble hooks. I imagine it caught a few fisherman in its day as well when he was trying to remove the lure from the fishes mouth.  Many decades earlier we see different states regulate the fishing industries and impose besides […]

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