Dam Mouse Antique Lure

Dam Mouse Antique Lure

The Dam Mouse Antique Lure is a neat little lure. Dam a German fishing tackle company has been around since the late 1800’s in some form. Widely popular with European collectors Dam can kind of be equated to our Abbey and Imbrie. More notably known for their version of spinning reels in America they also made or imported and sold lures as well. Yes they had original products but the also took other products and made them their own by either changing certain features, or painting them in their own fishes. T

This first DAM mouse lure is an example of that. The lure is a Heddon mouse, where by items such as the lip has been changed as well as surface hardware added. The wooden mouse, has beaded eyes, screwed in leather ears and a leather rope inserted for the tail. This antique mouse lure uses two double hooks to secure its catch when caught. The second DAM Mouse lure seems to mimic in construction the Heddon flocked or F4000 series mouse. The same notable differences being the screw in ears and most notably its smaller size. 

Dam Mouse Antique Lure Photo Gallery


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Wright McGill Mouse Lure

Wright McGill Mouse Lure

The Wright McGill Mouse Lure was introduced with a host of other life-like lures around 1930. The Swimming Mouse antique fishing lure was made by The Wright and McGill Company, out of Denver Colorado. The lure was available in a 2 different sizes, the size shown in the gallery being the smallest bass sized version. The Mouse was made from the traditional molded rubber composition that most all its other life like type series of lures were made.

This smallish antique lure has its line tie at the nose, letting it swim or give a life like action in the water. The fishing lure came in detail, with whiskers and a tail. This lure is in super condition compared to most you will find, as rubber, use and age dont mix well.

Wright McGill Mouse Lure Photo Gallery

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Paul Bunyan Mouse Lure

Paul Bunyan Mouse Lure

The Paul Bunyan Mouse lure was first introduced in the late 1940’s. Made and brought to market by the Paul Bunyan Bait Company out of Minneapolis Minnesota. This antique lure is akin to the Lady Bug type series, the mouse, is a plastic (Tenite) flat top water fished lure is a model series 1400. There were different sizes available as well as colors and flocked and non flocked finishes throughout its production cycle. The lure having plastic molded eyes, and a dorsal type ridge running fore and aft on the antique lure. As an added bit of realism some models had a trailing cord tail. This “Musky” 4″ inch version shown below, is made in a straight plastic/tenite construction, with a single trailing treble hook to secure its prey when caught. The lure is in a black scale type color pattern.

Paul Bunyan Mouse Lure Catalog Cut:

No 1400 Mouse

Here’s a unique surface lure made of tenite and finished with “fuzzy flock” to give it the exact appearance of a swimming mouse. A perfect lure for surface fishing. Recommended for Bass, Pike, Pickerel and other fresh water species.

Paul Bunyan Mouse Catalog Cut Paul Bunyan Mouse Catalog Cut

Paul Bunyan Mouse Catalog Cut Paul Bunyan Mouse Catalog Cut


Paul Bunyan Mouse Lure Photo Gallery

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South Bend Mouse Oreno Lure

South Bend Mouse Oreno Lure

The South Bend Mouse Oreno Lure was first introduced in 1932 and lasted only a decade and was out of production by 1942. This lure mad by the South Bend Bait Company of South Bend Indiana is a model series #949. This bead eyed, flocked cheese eater measure 2 3/4″ in length. and tips the scales at 5/8oz. The lure has only a single treble and uses cup rig hardware to secure it. The lure has been known to have a few different bead eye colors and there is a variation in the grey coloring to hunt for as well. The lure comes with a leather tail detail for even more realism. The antique lure has a diving lip and a pre attached leader for ease of set up. Shown below in the photo gallery it’s house in its correct marked box, 949GM and has its pocket lure catalog making it a complete package.

The South Bend Mouse antique lure came only in three different colors: There was for 1 year in 1932-33 a Grey Mouse that has a White Belly but its extremely hard to come by.
B – All Black
GM – Grey Mouse
W – White Body with Red Blend Around Eyes, Grey Stripe Down Back.

The 1931 South Bend Catalog States: “Watch a Mouse swim through the water and then seethe action of the new Mouse Oreno in the bait casting size. You’ll hardly be able […]

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Paw Paw Musky Natural Hair Mouse Lure

Paw Paw Musky Natural Hair Mouse Lure

The Paw Paw Musky Natural Hair Mouse Lure was first introduced in 1929. This antique lure was had a wooden painted head and a stacked deer hair tail, with a large treble hook on the rear. This fishing lure is pretty big at 4 3/4″ in length. This was Paw Paw’s series number 80,and it had a smaller counter part that was made before it the series 60. The 60 can be found with both a spinner and non spinner versions, but the 80 never had one.

The standard cataloged colors on the Musky Sized Mouse Lure were

80   Gray

81   Yellow Head

84   Red Head

88   White Head

Paw Paw Musky Natural Hair Mouse Lure Gallery Both Red and Gray Finishes

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ShurKacth Baits Mouse Lure

ShurKacth Baits Mouse Lure

The ShurKacth Baits Mouse Lure is Circa 1939. The ShurKatch Bait company out of Richfield Springs, New York is thought to have been a distributor of Horrocks Ibbotson fishing lures. This wooden, painted eye mouse vintage fishing lure comes adorn with even a leather tail. This antique fishing lure uses a single treble hook to secure its prey.

The Shurkatch Mouse Lure just measuring in at 2 3/4″ in length was used for the smaller end of game fish, such as the northern black bass. The lure is red and white in colors and has a single forward line tie just under the nose of the fishing lure. The lure shown below comes with its correct type box, however its unmarked with the exception of the pencil mark on one end. This has always been one of my favorite pictures boxes.

ShurKacth Baits Mouse Lure Photo Gallery

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Heddon Meadow Mouse Lure

Heddon Meadow Mouse Lure

The Heddon Meadow Mouse Lure was first introduced in 1929. This Heddon mouse lure made in Dowagiac Michigan would last for more than half a century in the antique lure line up. This fishing lure the wooden enameled version is a series number 4000. This antique lure measures 2 3/4″ in length and was made of wood. The antique lure featured leather ears which are screwed into the bait and tail for life like decoration. The lure has black bead eyes, a pin inserted into the nose. The Heddon Meadow Mouse has a forward line tie attached below the pin and a scripted metal diving lip to help it dive down to it’s prey.

To catch its prey it employs the use of a double forward hook forward of the mid-line of the lure inset and attached with Heddon’s L Rig Hardware in the version below. The lure also had a trailing single hook just below the leather tail. The lure can be found with both stenciled and un-stenciled belly versions.

The Meadow Mouse was available in only a few colors, two of 3 which are shown in the catalog cut below, as well as in the galleries.

Some More Favorite Fish Getters

New! A Fur Finished Mouse Bait No. F4000 Meadow Mouse

Lifelike in shape, ears, eyes and tail, this new Fur Finished mouse has the final touch of a coat of […]

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Creek Chub Fly Rod Mouse Lure

Creek Chub Fly Rod Mouse Lure

The Creek Chub Fly Rod mouse lure was first introduced in 1931. Creek Chub recommended using a 9ft 5-6 weight fly rod to fish these new pan fish fly rod lures. The graphic photo shown at the bottom of the page is out of that catalog. The antique fly Lure was a series F213, correlating to its black color. The antique lure was first found in a Yellow and Red printed Mouse Intro box.

The Fly Rod Mouse Lure below is shown in the True to Nature Box with black insert card, however this example is unmarked. The fly rod mouse came in 3 colors, the F213 All black, the F200 Gray Mouse , and the F202 which was all white in color. The Creek Chub antique fly rod sized Mouse lure lasted 15 years in the Creek Chub Fly Fishing lure line up.

Creek Chub Fly Rod Mouse Lure Gallery

The New Fly Rod Mouse No. F200 Series as shown in the 1931 Catalog that year for just $.75 cents : “The Baby mouse has long been a favorite food of the big trout and bass of lake and stream and in this little lure we have brought to perfection the looks and action of a tiny mouse struggling in the water. Very Lightly made and lifts easily from the surface; so well covered by the hook that very […]

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