Moonlight Pollywog Lure

Moonlight Pollywog Lure

The Moonlight Pollywog Lure, is a series model 700. This antique lure dates to the mid 1920’s. This pointed nose, sloping body, wooden, antique lure is one that is most synonymous with the Silver Creek Brand. Silver Creek as a company which was acquired by the ¬†Moonlight Lure Company in the early 1920’s. The Pollywog lure measures in at 4″ in length, has screw eye hardware holding its 2T or trebles. The glass eyed lure below in the Photo Gallery is painted in a wonderful Moss Back color, code 03, and a Red Head White Pattern, Code 04. Below is a catalog cut from the 1925 Moonlight Brand Minnows Catalog.

Polly-Wog No. 700 Series

The most successful killer made. Has the dip, dive and wiggle of a real fish under motion, travel about fourteen inches under the water with ordinary reeling and floats when not being reeled. Length 4 inches, weight 3/4 ounce. Furnish in the following colors.

701 – Yellow
702 – Rainbow
703 – Moss Back (Shown in Gallery)
704 – Red & White (Shown in Gallery)
705 РYellow & Black Spots 
706 – White Black Stripes
707 – White
708 – Yellow Perch
709 – Horned Ace

Moonlight Pollywog Lure Moonlight Pollywog Lure

Moonlight Pollywog Lure Photo Gallery

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