Moonlight Pikaroon Antique Lure

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Moonlight Pikaroon Antique Lure

Moonlight Pikaroon Antique Lure

The Moonlight Pikaroon Antique Lure is probably the most synonymous with the Moonlight Bait Company of Paw Paw,┬áMichigan. Although it should be the Floating Bait line, the Pikaroon with its sleek sexy looks and curves, woos most collectors its way. The Pikaroon wasn’t originally a Moonlight Bait like the Floater, it was a Silver Creek Lure akin to the Polly-Wog. The standard series line as shown in the gallery below is a series 1000. This wooden, glass eyed beauty measures in at roughly 4 – 4 1/4″ in length.

The lure has it’s telltale pointed nose, and its triangular shaped head which is the widest point of the body of the lure. The Pikaroon then tapers backwards towards the aft of the lure to a width that seemingly is just wide enough to hook the rear hook. The Pikaroon Antique Fishing Lure, the model 1000 has only 2T, or trebles to secure its catch. Both being held into the wooden lure via a simple screw eye rigging. The lure is most often found with it pointed upwards glass eye, but during the transition to the Paw Paw Bait Company in 1928 you will be able to locate some painted eye versions.

Moonlight Pikaroon Lure Catalog Cut Moonlight Pikaroon Lure Catalog Cut

Pikaroon Minnow

No. 1000

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