Moonlight Floating Bait Lure

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Moonlight Floating Bait Lure

Moonlight Floating Bait Lure

The Moonlight Floating Bait Lure is a classic in the history of the american fishing industry. First advertised in 1909 as shown below this wooden collared floating bait was the foundation for the Moonlight Bait Company of Paw Paw Michigan. The Floating Bait antique lure was a series Number #1 and this version was the three T for the three treble hooks.  Two of the hooks hanging from the body and one from the rear tail. The lure shown below is in a complete Luminous color pattern. The lure employs the use of a screw eye type hardware . Shown with it is the correct box used to house this antique fishing lure.

Ive shown below quite an array of the antique fishing lure ads used by the Moonlight company to advertise the floating bait.

Moonlight Floating Bait Lure Photo Gallery


Moonlight Floating Bait Ad 1909 Moonlight Floating Bait Ad 1909

Brother Fisherman,

If your business interferes with fishing give up your business or buy a Moonlight bait and fish in the evening. 

You will find night fishing delightful. To us, and that “us” represents thousands of users of Moonlight bait, it is all that is to be desired, with no possible regrets. It is cool, time is your own, it does not interfere with your business and the large fish are up.

Fish Are Night And Not Day Feeders

You will not land all the strikes, brother, but the fight is half of the fun. You will get your Full Money’s worth in the thrill and pleasure and expectancy in landing that big fellow, which is sure to be yours, if you “Follow the Cosmic Urge.”

At all first class dealers or sent postage paid by us for $100

Your Brother Nimrods

Moonlight Bait Company

Exclusive Owners and Patentees.

Paw Paw Michigan, USA


Moonlight Floating Bait 1910 Ad Moonlight Floating Bait 1910 Ad



Moonlight Bait Company Ad Recreation 1913 Moonlight Bait Company Ad Recreation 1913


The Famous Moonlight Floating Bait

Original and Only Successful Night Fishing Bait

This Bait was designed nearly eight years ago, and has absolutely “made good”. Guaranteed not to peel or crack. Money Back if not satisfied.

Four Styles:

No. 1     Plain Luminous
No. 1 R   Luminous with Red Head
No. 2     Weedless
No. 3     Trout Size

Moonlight Floating Bait Ad 1916 Moonlight Floating Bait Ad 1916

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