Moonlight 1900 Zig Zag Lure

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Moonlight 1900 Zig Zag Lure

Moonlight 1900 Zig Zag Lure

The Moonlight 1900 Zig Zag Lure was first introduced in the early 1920’s by the Moonlight Bait Company of Paw Paw, Michigan. This wooden, glass eyed lure was deemed a series 1900 before being Called a Zig Zag which was previously used on another earlier Minnow. This jointed or segmented two piece lure is held together with a screw eye type rigging and measures 3 1/4″ in length. The lure features a slanted and notched out head, mouth or front section which holds the small leader that comes pre-attached to the antique lure line tie. The Zig Zag has two treble hooks one on each of the segments secured to the lure with a screw eye.

The 1900 was available in six different colors:
1901     Red Head Gold Body
1903     Green Scale
1904     Red Head White Body
1907     Gold Scale ( As Shown in the Photo Gallery Below)
1908     Blue Scale
1909     Yellow Perch

Here’s a copy from a page of my 1920’s Moonlight Antique Fishing Lure Catalog:

No. 1900 Series

A Perfect Jointed lure that wobbles the head and wiggles the tail. A real substitute for live minnows. He will struggle on the surface like a helpless cripple, or he will swim vigorously under the water like a frightened minnow. It is hard to believe that any lure will ever be invented that is in every way more satisfactory.

Moonlight 1900 Zig Zag Lure Moonlight 1900 Zig Zag Lure

Moonlight 1900 Zig Zag Lure Photo Gallery


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