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Pfeiffer Minnow Tube

Pfeiffer Minnow Tube

This Rare Pfeiffer Minnow Tube lure is a different class of lure compared to the many seen on this page. This great lure is made from glass instead of usual wood, plastic or metal materials we’ve come to know. This glass test tube shaped lure was made by the Pfeiffer’s Live Bait Company out of Detroit Michigan. This antique fishing lure dates from between 1914-1916, making it Over 100 years old. This lure features 4 treble hooks 2 on each side and measures 3 1/2″ in length.

Striking resemblance is seen between this and the Detroit Minnow tube. It should come as no surprise when you find out both companies operated during the same time from the same city. The minnow tubes were not a very practical or ECO friendly lure especially when dropped on the shore or rolling around in a tackle box.While the two ads below are similar youll notice an address change.

1914 Pfeiffer Live Bait Holder Ad

Pfeiffer’s Bait Gets The Big Ones

Pfeiffer’s is the origional bait of its kind on the market today. It Protects the minnow and lures the big fellows as no other bait can. None genuine unless Pfeiffer’s name is on the stopper. Three sizes: Trout and Small Bass, $.75; Bass and Pike, $1.00; Muscallonge, $1.50.

1914 Pfeiffer Live Bait Holder Company Ad 1914 Pfeiffer Live Bait Holder Company Ad

1915 Pfeiffer Live Bait Holder Ad

1915 Pfeiffer Live Bait Holder Ad 1915 Pfeiffer Live Bait Holder Ad


Pfeiffer Minnow Tube Photo Gallery

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Nifty Minne Minnow Tube

Nifty Minne Lure Minnow Tube

The Nifty Minne lure, Circa 1913 falls into the minnow tube lure category. I’ve always spelled the name of this antique lure wrong for years Ill admit it. Minnow lure constraint devices vary from tubes to cages to hooks and pins to hold in place the pray to provide the prey fish in theory the utmost realistic view of a bait fish lure, itself. They were made of materials ranging from leather, to wire to plastic and to glass. Each medium having their own setback or weak point. Take for instance the Detroit Minnow Tube lure, a favorite among antique lure collectors. This Detroit minnow tube lure was made of glass, great for viewing, horrible in practice, especially on the rocks or even in a tackle box, glass is never a good thing.

Joseph Ness of Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1913 created what he thought would be an excellent contribution and improvement for a minnow tube, and used a celluloid center.  The lure had 5 trailing treble hooks akin to most underwater casting minnow lures and marked front props. The lure came in whats called a picture box, showing a rendering of the antique lure. The lure itself never really took off as far as bass or musky fisherman were concerned, I’m guessing due to the unstable celluloid after it had faced hot and cold environments would crack and break as well. In saying that this lure was never popular with fisherman, it is a very popular lure with antique fishing lure collectors.

A very rare seldom seen paper insert states “Caution! Be Sure to see that tail cap is closed reasonably tight after placing Live Minnow. There is no Danger in the tail cap coming loose if this suggestion is complied with as the rear spinner revolves with connecting thread. Note Hooks are interchangeable by unfastening nuts in the upper end of the bait thus permitting rods to slip out and replacing any hook desired. For any further information or details don’t hesitate to communicate with the undersigned and they will be cheerfully furnished. Jos M Ness Co.”

Nifty Minne Minnow Tube Lure Gallery


Nifty Minne Box and Paperwork 


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