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Pfeiffer Minnow Tube

Pfeiffer Minnow Tube This Rare Pfeiffer Minnow Tube lure is a different class of lure compared to the many seen on this page. This great lure is made from glass instead of usual wood, plastic or metal materials we've come to know. This glass test tube shaped lure was made by the Pfeiffer's Live Bait [...]

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Nifty Minne Minnow Tube

Nifty Minne Lure Minnow Tube The Nifty Minne lure, Circa 1913 falls into the minnow tube lure category. I've always spelled the name of this antique lure wrong for years Ill admit it. Minnow lure constraint devices vary from tubes to cages to hooks and pins to hold in place the pray to provide the [...]

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