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South Bend Midget Pike Oreno

South Bend Midget Pike Oreno

The South Bend Midget Pike Oreno Lure is a series 974. This wooden antique lure is 3″ in length and is the smaller version of the Pike Oreno. This lure unfortunately shares its model number not with one other lure but 2, making for a total of 3 South Bend lures to share this model number. I will never understand this the other two lures were the Baby Two Oreno, and Salt Water Bass Oreno, and were however made over different time periods thankfully. The antique lure was made from 1923 to 1927 a very short time span of lure longevity so to speak. The lure like many others in the South Bend Lure arsenal started with no eyes and progressed into glass, such is the case with this one as well. The lure has the distinctive shovel shaped diving plate at the front, a single line tie and came standard with two single hooks.

South Bend Midget Pike Oreno Lure Gallery

The 1926 South Bend Catalog States “Similar in design to the Pike Oreno only smaller and equipped with single detachable hooks. Travels about as deep as Pike Oreno with action that is a bit livelier. Wonderful for large or small bass, also pike and pickerel”.

The standard colors and corresponding codes often found on this South Bend Midget Pike Oreno Lure were:

F Frog
R Solid Red
Rain Rainbow
RH Red Head White Body
RHA […]

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