South Bend Counter Display Marlin

South Bend Counter Display

This South Bend Counter display piece is one of the other miscellaneous pieces we a antique lures collectors covet. As if our lures rooms weren’t covered head to toe with lures reels, catalogs, oilers, fish plaques, mounts, nets, creels, line dryers, minnow buckets, minnow traps, tackle boxes…… Are you starting to get my drift. I just had to look around to make sure my wife didn’t read about all those things I have hidden covertly over the years. Yes you know who Im talking about so don’t just point the finger at me. The difference between being a lure collector and a fishing themed or piscatorial hoarder if a fine line to walk.

This South Bend display piece features a Marlin sailing through the air in its center painted by Maynard Reece. The display features the Trix Oreno, the Troll Oreno and the Salt Water Trolling rod on the left side, and on the right the Pike Oreno, a Dependable Line Spool and a South Bend Trolling Reel with Star Drag. As I mention in the Winchester 4250 Reel article, there are those who would love to take your hard earned dollar and give you something that wasn’t real in return. While it may have started innocently, the reproductions of any and all counter display material out there has affected not only prices but it lends unfortunate criticism to those piece to which are true and legitimate. Ill get […]

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