Fishing Tackle Consignments

Fishing Tackle Consignments

Fishing Tackle Consignments Service. Have lures, reels, rods or sporting items to sell? Let us help you. Yes we directly buy items for our collection too, but if you’d rather enlist our help to make sure you receive current market value, let me help by selling it for you. Have a collection your need to sell, interests changes, or selling a few to buy a few more, let me help.

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Professional Service Providing Fast, Easy Process, Easy to Understand & Confidential

2 Decades of Sales Consignments, Direct Sales & Ebay

Past 2 Term Regional VP of the NFLCC (National FIshing Lure Collectors Club)

Current Webmaster for O.R.C.A. (Old Reel Collectors Association)

Member of FATC (Florida Antique Tackle Collectors)

Antique Tackle is my Job, Im neck deep in this hobby (Pun intended if you know me) if you’d like to read about why, the front page of this site gives insight (Teaser, Mailmen and Pitbull’s dont’ mix) and this link, well this link, was the icing on the cake. I’ve taken a few negative personal situations, and made it positive, embracing what Ive always enjoyed as a hobby and turned into my life with the help of an awesome wife, family and friends. In a strange way, this hobby, and fishing, has saved my life and got me back out of the chair and into life again.

Collaboration Saves an Eye and a Life

if youd rather watch a video than read 

Making News: Ocular Melanoma

Yes, I sell more than just lures, reels and rods of you have other miscellaneous smalls or easily shipped items such as Duck Calls or Shell Boxes, Knives Etc

I provide some of the best Lure & Reel Photography on the Internet, Providing Clear Concise Photos and Descriptions and a bit of History with your Items.

I’m the only seller on the internet that harnesses and engages the Power of Social Media to Advertise & Reach Potential Buyers on All the Largest Platforms.

Facebook (I have 2K Followers alone on FB)
Google +

I keep you informed at every process and stage your items are in. Proving future times for items and what time they appear, how long the will be listed and when they will close.

Best way to find out how it works, is to send me a small box of items and you will be surprised at how easy the process is for you the seller.

I take all the photos, examples of my photography can be seen on this website as well as our sister site

I handle all the upfront auction creation, descriptions, and I will help tailor a strategy and process that fits your personal needs. Simple common […]

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Bagley Bass N Shad Lures

Bagley Bass N Shad Lures

The Bagley Bass N Shad Lures were first introduced in 1984 and 1985 respectively. Made by the Bagley Bait Company which draws its roots from Winter Haven Florida in a sense. I say that because Jim Bagley Had purchased his first Company in 1954 from “The Dean Brothers” in Georgia. The lures were given the model D92 as a designation and were offered in a standard version and a Deep Dive versions that is credited to famous fisherman Bill Dance. Its said these deep divers ran at a depth of 12 feet.

The colors of the lures are Fluorescent Green Head With Chrome Body Code FGRC and Fluorescent Yellow With Chrome Body.

These Bagley Lures have taken off over the last few years in popularity and desirability, as they should. Jim Bagley got his start in the Pork Rind business in the 1950s. The lures would come later in the year 1960 as Jim came out with a line of a half a dozen lures. The lures still to this day are sought not only by collectors but professional fisherman alike.

Bagley Bass N Shad Lures

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Trenton Surface Doodler Lure

Trenton Surface Doodler Lure

The Trenton Surface Doodler Lure was introduced around 1946. From the same company that brought us the Mad Mouse we have highlighted before, The Trenton Manufacturing Company, Located in Trenton Ohio. This wooden antique fishing lure measures 2 5/8″ in length. The lure seems to take it shape from crossing a Heddon Crazy Crawler and a Arbogast jitterbug lure.

The lure has a single forward line tie attached to it’s tapering “V” Shaped hull face giving way to its rounded body. The lure has two fixed aluminum wings extending out horizontally to its body which would create a surface popping motion when retrieved. The Surface Doodler has two treble hooks to secure its catch, one about mid line on the bottom of the lure secured with a surface hardware, the second trailing the fishing lure. The lure can be found in different colors and has its name stenciled on its back.

A change was made in 1949, the naming of the Surface Doodler was transitioned to the Gurgle Head. I’m unsure as to why the change was initiated, maybe for patent or commercial reasons. You’ll find the later ones marked Gurglehead on the back such as the black example below.

Trenton Surface Doodler Lure Photo Gallery


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Shakespeare Bait Company Service Ring

Shakespeare Bait Company Service Ring

This Shakespeare Bait Company Service Ring is a great example of one of those add on pieces we can all add to our collection. The fringe pieces that say have no reel (bad Pun) place on any shelf but can add depth and novelty to your antique lure or reel collection. Throughout the years I’ve come across things such as pins, pens, employee handbooks, special lures that were given to employees for either time in service or merit based. This ring almost reminds me of an old class ring.

“Leadership, Quality, Integrity” the ring has etched on the side with a montage of rods, and reels and what appears to be a fish.

Shakespeare Bait Company Service Ring

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