Pflueger Antique Lure 1893 Sportsman Directory

Pflueger Antique Lure 1893 Sportsman Directory

In this Pflueger Antique Lure 1893 Sportsman Directory advertisement we see the Enterprise Manufacturing Company, Pflueger advertise its luminous lures. The Enterprise Manufacturing Co., out of Akron, Ohio had just a year earlier come out with the Success Spinner. The advertisement recants an anglers success and experiences with one of Pflueger’s luminous soft rubber frogs.

Pflueger Antique Lure 1893 Sportsman Directory

Read and be convinced what Pfluegers Luminous Baits can do.

W.F. De Wolf, 7011 Monroe St., Englewood, Chicag, writes;

“I must tell you of my great “fish catch” with one of “Pflueger’s Luminous Frogs.” I caught 40 Black Bass in two mornings and one evening fishing. The largest weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz., measured 22 in. in length, a 14 in. girth, with mouth 4 in. across (when open). Several of the weighed 5 and 5 1/2 lbs. each, quite a number 3 1/2, 4 and 4 1/2, and a great many 2 to 3 lbs.

“The little town where this catch was made, and all it’s fishermen were wild when they saw the string of fish. I had them, myself and boatman photographed. The 7 ponder tired my boatman and myself so that we sat and looked at each other for a moment or two after landing him, neither having a word to say. The sight of such a monster lying on the bottom of the boat, and the thought […]

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Moonlight Floating Bait Lure

Moonlight Floating Bait Lure

The Moonlight Floating Bait Lure is a classic in the history of the american fishing industry. First advertised in 1909 as shown below this wooden collared floating bait was the foundation for the Moonlight Bait Company of Paw Paw Michigan. The Floating Bait antique lure was a series Number #1 and this version was the three T for the three treble hooks.  Two of the hooks hanging from the body and one from the rear tail. The lure shown below is in a complete Luminous color pattern. The lure employs the use of a screw eye type hardware . Shown with it is the correct box used to house this antique fishing lure.

Ive shown below quite an array of the antique fishing lure ads used by the Moonlight company to advertise the floating bait.

Moonlight Floating Bait Lure Photo Gallery


Moonlight Floating Bait Ad 1909 Moonlight Floating Bait Ad 1909

Brother Fisherman,

If your business interferes with fishing give up your business or buy a Moonlight bait and fish in the evening. 

You will find night fishing delightful. To us, and that “us” represents thousands of users of Moonlight bait, it is all that is to be desired, with no possible regrets. It is cool, time is your own, it does not interfere with your business and the large fish are […]

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