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Pflueger Kent Floater Frog Antique Lure

Pflueger Kent Floater Frog Antique Lure

The Pflueger Kent Floater Frog Antique Lure was released somewhere around the early teens.  This wooden chunk bait type series of lure carried the same model number of the previous and of the all future Pflueger Frog lures, a model series 2555. Born in Akron, Ohio of the Enterprise Manufacturing Company, Pflueger,  it would take on a multitude of names over its life span such as, the Kent Champion and the Kent Floater. While the lure would start off with glass eyes, it would transition to the wood eye then back to glass. The wood eye version is easily identifiable as the bulbous type eyes raise above the surface of the lure even more than the glass eye. These tell tale raised wooden eyes help date this antique fishing lure to around 1916.

The wood eye version lure shown in the gallery has the traditional never fail hardware holding the two side treble hooks in place, the rear hook is attached via screw eye. The glass eyed version below dates to the mid 1920’s, and has the belly and rear treble hooks with the belly hook being held on by a surface rig type hardware. The wooden frog lures body would roughly measure 2″ in length. Although this is a rough estimate as there were a myriad size variations throughout the lifespan of the series. You will also find that the prop on the front will help you […]

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