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Sunday Sounds April Edition

Sunday Sounds April Edition

On a rainy Sunday morning strolling through FB and Ebay with a cup of coffee in hand I came across a post of a Frog Spot Jamison Coaxer lure for sale, and if there is one thing that goes with Jamison in my head, its my buddy Joe.

Jamison Coaxer Colors Jamison Coaxer Colors

These were owned by a good friend of mine who passed last winter. He was my traveling buddy to nationals and many of the regional shows. This was taken one weekend he brought his collection down and spent the weekend at the house, while the wife and kids were gone, we ate like kings (grilled steaks), talked lures, history, the club, collecting and life till the wee hours each night which usually was capped off with a nightcap of a good single malt.

It was like having a lure show at my own house. We photographed, talked about, shared our knowledge about each lure we both had like we just had purchased them. We did this despite having owned and seen each others items many many times before before. Or like we would do at shows at the end of the night. Joe would gather a pile of my items together, tell me to put together a pile of his, and we would swap, and if any money changed hands its was secondary in nature. He would say, […]

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