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Black Bass in Florida James Heddon Janette Hawley

Black Bass in Florida James Heddon Janette Hawley

In the Black Bass Florida James Heddon Janette Hawley article from 1904 printing of Angling Stories we get this great article from James Heddon, I think. The book is a compilation of Angling stories from other Magazines, such as Sports Afield. We see in the article penned by James Heddon describe his meeting a fish slayer, angler of poise Mrs. Janette Hawley on a trip to Mohawk Florida. The reason I say may have been written is, we see the author use  “Billy Bass” which was a pen name for Will Heddon, and we also see him introduce a person to whom hes never met, Mrs. Janette Hawley. Notice the name spelling difference, as Mrs. Jeantte Hawley is the pen name for Will’s wife Laura, who used the Janette Hawley name as a Pen name as well a year later in 1905. It may just be an accident or different spelling. Just strikes me as odd. We also see them use it on “The Mohawk Casting and trolling Bait” in 1905 as well on the box labels.

Could this be the introduction to the Pen name by James Heddon for Laura to use in later fishing articles as she became more prevalent in the Heddon Company? Could this bee Will writing under his dads name? Or, I ask, could this really have been the person who inspired the fictitious character? I don’t pretend to know early Heddon […]

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