Sunday Sounds April Edition

Sunday Sounds April Edition

On a rainy Sunday morning strolling through FB and Ebay with a cup of coffee in hand I came across a post of a Frog Spot Jamison Coaxer lure for sale, and if there is one thing that goes with Jamison in my head, its my buddy Joe.

Jamison Coaxer Colors Jamison Coaxer Colors

These were owned by a good friend of mine who passed last winter. He was my traveling buddy to nationals and many of the regional shows. This was taken one weekend he brought his collection down and spent the weekend at the house, while the wife and kids were gone, we ate like kings (grilled steaks), talked lures, history, the club, collecting and life till the wee hours each night which usually was capped off with a nightcap of a good single malt.

It was like having a lure show at my own house. We photographed, talked about, shared our knowledge about each lure we both had like we just had purchased them. We did this despite having owned and seen each others items many many times before before. Or like we would do at shows at the end of the night. Joe would gather a pile of my items together, tell me to put together a pile of his, and we would swap, and if any money changed hands its was secondary in nature. He would say, its your turn Matt to take care of these things for a while. While we exchanged these we would pass on any stories of where we got them and from who or how. You see it wasn’t about the money, or even the lures themselves, it was about the story, the people behind the lures. This was a theme that many who knew Joe would come to know that there was a greater picture not just in lures but in life.

While this was 6-8 years ago, never thought at the time it would be one of those times I would remember forever or not be able to do again with him. Moral of the story baits/lures are great but they are just the vehicles by which we are driven to what is really important and that is the friendships we make along the way.

I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Ocular Melonoma two weeks ago at the age of 44, and will have my first surgery and radiation treatment this week. They say the odds were 5 in a million to get this, and how fitting for those that know me. Ive never seemed to pick the easy way in anything in life, either by choice or happenstance, not even as a child. With that, Im not sure if I miss my buddy Joe more to talk about lures with, or to talk about the C word more. Many who knew my friend knew he […]

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Jamison Winged Mascot Lure No 2

Jamison Winged Mascot Lure No. 2

Today I lost one of my best friends who I traveled across country to lure shows for years with. For two decades Joe and I were friends and my list of memories just as long. So many times, at the end of the nights, if neither of us sold much we would dump our lures on the bed and make huge trade piles and just swap lures. We enjoyed each others lure more than any we could usually find at the shows. Joe was a mentor to me and sometimes I thought of him as a friend, other times as a Dad. Joe wasn’t ever afraid to say what he thought and I so loved that about him. He was the first secretary to the National Lure Collectors Club in the 1970’s. Joe taught me priorities and reminded me every time we spoke of what was important and that was family and friends. I’m having a hard time trying to write with tears on my keyboard. He texted me last night telling me he needed to see me as he knew his time was coming, I replied back I could be there today, instead the phone rang today and Joe had passed. Joe was big on history, and his love of the ancillary things we collected gave us both a lot of things to talk about. You will hear me  mention Joe as #itsmystorytotell and will be my way of dealing with it (I can hear him telling me now to suck it up buttercup and dont let this get in the way of what we love and keep telling those stories)

I wrote this post about Joe almost a year ago, I dont feel much like lures tonight so Ill just re-post this. If you haven’t told someone how much they mean to you, do so, because you never know when it may be your last.

Joe Nelson and Jamison Lures

We’ve come to appreciate certain things in Southern Oklahoma, the rain being the one at the forefront. So, on a a rainy day in Southern Oklahoma I awoke this morning appreciative of natures gift, and in my early morning routine again I was reminded of another. No matter the days, the weeks and more often then not lately the many many months gone, the paths traveled or life’s circumstances have led, Ive always received a email response from my friend Joe. Joe, a friend for almost two decades who I’ve traveled the country with, attending antique fishing lure shows, talked at great length about more topics than I can name.

He has always taken time to email me, check on and wish my son’s health and his battle with ITP. He is a good friend who would listen to whatever I found relevant, and gave his thoughts. As 20 years my senior, one of the early members of the National Fishing Lure Collectors Club, […]

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