September is for Sam

September is for Sam

This photo depicting Purple Boy Sam ITP Aware is not what you would expect to see on my antique lure blog. But like I’ve said in the past #itsmystorytotell. This September marks 4 years of remission, and today is support purple day bringing awareness to ITP and other Platelet Disorders.

As a Dad I’m in awe of the strength and courage my son exudes and brings to the table daily, in his walk with this disease. Sam has had this disease for 8 years and never once have we or Sam let this disease have him. Doing the research when there were no answers to find, willing to travel far and wide to find the silver bullet, that never existed, but we tried, has been always been our mantra. The strength and burden he bore and met head on at 100% never wavering not knowing it fueled us as his parents, and in turn so many in some small way for him.

September is ITP Aware, and September is when our family made one of the hardest decisions we had been confronted with more than once. To take a chance, to surgically remove part of Sam in hopes it would keep at bay and neutralize his disease. Swapping the sometimes multi-weekly chemical cocktails, infusions, chemo and our many hundred mile round trips sometimes in the dead […]

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Seeing through the Ice Louis Rhead Ice Fishing

Seeing Through the Ice Louis Rhead Ice Fishing

Seeing Through the Ice Louis Rhead Ice Fishing is my meager attempt to assimilate the last two weeks of my life to fishing theme. Some who follow this blog know me and our families tribulations over the last decade. Weve had the rug pulled out from underneath us, but like before we will get up and move forward again. #itsmystorytotell

Ive always been inspired by my Son, who was born 8 weeks early and his journey to enter this life. 3 years later his 7 year battle and walk with his own rare disease, ITP, and its corresponding years of treatments. His strength he has shown to all, his smile, and perseverance nothing short of amazing. His strength through some of his toughest times never wavering, his infectious love of life and all gods creatures heart warming.


Watching, looking and reaching below, the ice fisherman uses a small hole as his gateway to a world below. The world that he is so familiar with at times, yet now seems so unfamiliar. His tools he is so familiar with at times can no longer be used in his pursuit, and he must change and adapt if he wants a shot at what is below.

Two weeks ago I went in to have a routine eye exam that I had been putting off for many years. Like most I hasten to admit or give in to […]

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Paul Puckettt F3T Poster Donated for Cast 4 a Cure

Paul Puckettt F3T Poster

Who’s to say fishing cant be done for a cause. While we as fisherman undeniably use the outdoors and our passion to often escape from life’s reality, sometimes, its where we turn to face it. Paul Puckett is an artist who takes his love for the shutter and turns it into wonderful pieces of art on a canvas. A Texas native who lives in S.C. now this artist, musician, and angler has taken his passion and turned it into a lifetime long journey. Working with just about every in print and online fishing and piscatorial trade rag, he produces illustrations, photos and works for all us to enjoy. Working with companies at the forefront of our angling industries which intertwine with our passion like Yeti, and Costa and many others.

Paul’s latest contribution in a collaborative effort with F3T while its intent was to be created and used for the upcoming 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour Fly Fishing Film Tour is having a positive unintended consequence. His selfless act is taking the original art work and donating it to Casting 4 a Cure.

Casting 4 a Cure Casting 4 a Cure a nonprofit organization, is set up to benefit Rett syndrome. Rett syndrome is a postnatal neurological disorder with debilitating net affect. Casting 4 a Cure took a parents compassion, dedication, and love for their daughter and coupled that with their love […]

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