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NFLCC Greater Milwaukee Lure Show

NFLCC Greater Milwaukee Lure Show

NFLCC Greater Milwaukee Lure Show; Ever Wondered what it was like to look through the eyes of a antique lure collector? Mac Hoover did an amazing job in this short piece about the Greater Milwaukee Classic.

If your interested in the history of fishing (Bass, Ice, Fly, Carp, Crappie, Salt Water, Big Game, We have it all) and making sure it’s stories are continued to be told. Come join us. Were are the largest club who’s direct mission is to propagate the history of our sport. Visit the NFLCC FaceBook Page, Like and follow along to see if we would be a good fit for you!

NFLCC Greater Milwaukee Lure Show NFLCC

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Heddon Ice Decoy Antique Lure

Heddon Ice Decoy Antique Lure

This version of the Heddon Ice Decoy Antique Lure is distinguished by its 4 point fin shape. Not all antique lures are technically lures, but they are all attractants of some type. This wooden 4 point Heddon Decoy was given a series model 400. This Ice fishing decoy would be around circa 1923. The lure or decoy measures 4 3/8″ in length. The lure has two sections of 90 degree pointed fins attached to its body. The decoy lure also employs the use of a metal tail fin that is braced into the rear tail section. The Heddon Decoy used the inch worm style of line tie on top so that you could attach at different points to affect the hang or the angle of suspension. The Heddon Ice decoy can be found in a host of standard cataloged colors to some that are definable or considered special order. The decoy uses multiple belly weights to help sink and maintain its centered buoyancy.

This would be the final wooden version or body and wing style of the Heddon Decoy before it tried its hand at making a plastic or Ice Spook. The Spook version would make the same impact on the fishing industry and or history. Many of the spook decoys found today have the typical shrinkage and plastic decomposition we see in the first version of Heddon Spooks.  The Heddon Ice Decoy Antique Lure below in the gallery is […]

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Seeing through the Ice Louis Rhead Ice Fishing

Seeing Through the Ice Louis Rhead Ice Fishing

Seeing Through the Ice Louis Rhead Ice Fishing is my meager attempt to assimilate the last two weeks of my life to fishing theme. Some who follow this blog know me and our families tribulations over the last decade. Weve had the rug pulled out from underneath us, but like before we will get up and move forward again. #itsmystorytotell

Ive always been inspired by my Son, who was born 8 weeks early and his journey to enter this life. 3 years later his 7 year battle and walk with his own rare disease, ITP, and its corresponding years of treatments. His strength he has shown to all, his smile, and perseverance nothing short of amazing. His strength through some of his toughest times never wavering, his infectious love of life and all gods creatures heart warming.


Watching, looking and reaching below, the ice fisherman uses a small hole as his gateway to a world below. The world that he is so familiar with at times, yet now seems so unfamiliar. His tools he is so familiar with at times can no longer be used in his pursuit, and he must change and adapt if he wants a shot at what is below.

Two weeks ago I went in to have a routine eye exam that I had been putting off for many years. Like most I hasten to admit or give in to […]

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Bonafide Minnow Antique Lure

Bonafide Minnow Antique Lure

The Bonafide Minnow Antique Lure is timeless classic. The Bonafide lure made by its namesake the Bonafide Manufacturing Company was located out of Plymouth, Michigan. The patent for this metal minnow lure was given on January 15th, of 1907. The patent was divided equally between both Mr. Hiram Passage and Mr. George VanDecar. While many of the early manufactures of fishing tackle utilized wood in their piscatorial creations, this antique fishing lure was a aluminum metal minnow. No need to worry about a bass, or rock or tackle box destroying the paint job on your brand new lure with this creation.

The Bonafide lure was comprised of two concave and convex pieces or halves of aluminum metal fastened together. The artificial bait composed of these two sections created a hollow body or chamber. This allows the user to adjust its buoyancy by filling or emptying the chamber.  The chamber also contained a round spherical weight to help in the matters. The halves were cast in detail both showing the scales, gills and even the eyes of the fish. The eye and gills would have painted added to them however with any amount of use the paint would soon come loose. This 5 treble hook model measures 3 3/4″ in length the rear treble would be feathered. The 3T or 3 treble version in the gallery was roughly 3″ with the number of hooks, and length, being the only differential. The lure features both […]

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Pflueger Muskellunge Minnow Ad 1904

Pflueger Muskellunge Minnow Ad

This Pflueger Muskellunge Minnow Ad is brought to you from 1904. The Ad itself is out of the 1904 Pflueger or Enterprise manufacturing Company from Akron Ohio. I’ve always loved this giant lure and had wished I had kept my example of this giant rubber minnow. The ad is a really a cool advertisement depicting the minnow in use.

Pflueger Muskellunge Minnow

The bottom caption reads: The above scene represents a fisherman in his movable “dark house” in the act of spearing fish through the ice, using a Decoy Minnow. The Decoy is painted true to life, and being weighted and balanced with a lead core it dances merrily by simply pulling on the line to which its tied. It furnishes great sport to those that indulge in this class of fishing.

Pflueger Muskellunge Minnow Ad 1904 Pflueger Muskellunge Minnow Ad 1904


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