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AW Saarimaa Fish Hawk Antique Lure

AW Saarimaa Fish Hawk Antique Lure

The AW Saarimaa Fish Hawk Antique Lure is one I dont see very often in Oklahoma. This wooden antique fishing lure has made quite a journey beginning in Canada. The lure was created – invented and patented by August W. Saarimaa. This unique lure dates to the early 1940’s along with its brethren the Muskie Head. Its is written the August began his lure making in Lansing, Ontario. The unique looking wooden lure uses a deep diving lip that is inserted into the mouth of the bait that then flanges outward making almost a 1/4″ rounded wing until it is even with the eyes. This I would think was thought of as a to stabilize the antique fishing lure as it makes its dive.

The Fish Hawk lure uses the strength of the metal diving lip by directly attaching two of its three treble hooks. The rear hook uses a simple screw eye to attach to the rear of the bait. The antique fishing lure continues its construction with the use of Nail Tack eyes, the lure can be found with painted eyes as well. The Fish-Hawk was produced in a host of colors advertising 10 finishes such as:

1 – Silver Flash
2 – Brown Pike
3 – Perch Scale Black Stripe
4 – Yellow Perch Scale
5 – Red & White
6 – Orange & Black
7 – Yellow & Red
8 – Herring Scale (Shown […]

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JB McHarg Civil War Token

JB McHarg Civil War Token

This great example of a JB McHarg Civil War Token is a prime example of what drives me to collect. Looking off the beaten path for neat items to compliment both my or other lure collections is something I’ve always enjoyed. This drive or niche, or thinking outside the proverbial lure box at times has almost been a obsession. Thankfully my adult ADHD doesn’t let me stay grounded too long and off I go tracking down some other piece of knowledge or theory worm hole. Whether it’s paperwork, historical accounts, tidbits of information, photos or what have you, they all allow us the ability to follow the bread crumbs. Being able to piece together information to help complete or assemble a bigger picture.

JB McHarg Civil War Token Photo Gallery


Russell Rulau writes in his reference material titled “United States Tokens 1700-1900 ” 4th edition, Printed in 2004, that examples have both been found struck on Copper and Silver coinage. Using the example cited, as like the 1826 example above, it has been found on a 1819 United States Large Copper Cent, and a  Silver 1777 Spanish American Reales 2, a Spanish Colonial coin. For the Large Copper Cent it rates it a RM-7, Very Scarce, 10-19 known examples. The Silver Reales being even more scarce, rates a RM-8, which qualifies it as Rare, with 5-9 examples known to exist.

Neither coin being special unto themselves, the […]

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Creek Chub Fly Rod Ding Bat Lure Bass

Creek Chub Fly Rod Ding Bat Lure Bass

The Creek Chub Fly Rod Ding Bat Lure Bass size was a series F1400. This antique fly lure was first introduced by the Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett Indiana in 1937. It would last less than a decade and be gone from the catalogs by 1946. This wooden lure mimics in shape its larger brethren and is the second to the smallest size fly that is why I added the bass and I refer to the smallest series the F1300 ast he trout. The lure has a single small forward line tie on the bottom of the chin , the round body and the a typical 2 tufts of hair exiting the rear lure. This antique fly has painted yellow eyes with a black iris. The antique fly lure has a single #6 size hook affixed to the rear of the lure. The lure wold come housed in a True to Nature box as shown below in the gallery and would be inset into a black card.

The Fly Rod Dingbat was available in 7 standard colors.
00 Pike Scale
01 Perch Scale
02 Red and White
04 Golden Shiner
13 All Black
18 Silver Flash (Shown Below)
19 Frog (Shown Below)

Creek Chub Fly Rod Ding Bat Lure Bass Size Silver Flash Photo Gallery

Creek Chub Fly Rod Ding Bat Lure Bass Size […]

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Creek Chub Fly Rod Mouse Lure

Creek Chub Fly Rod Mouse Lure

The Creek Chub Fly Rod mouse lure was first introduced in 1931. Creek Chub recommended using a 9ft 5-6 weight fly rod to fish these new pan fish fly rod lures. The graphic photo shown at the bottom of the page is out of that catalog. The antique fly Lure was a series F213, correlating to its black color. The antique lure was first found in a Yellow and Red printed Mouse Intro box.

The Fly Rod Mouse Lure below is shown in the True to Nature Box with black insert card, however this example is unmarked. The fly rod mouse came in 3 colors, the F213 All black, the F200 Gray Mouse , and the F202 which was all white in color. The Creek Chub antique fly rod sized Mouse lure lasted 15 years in the Creek Chub Fly Fishing lure line up.

Creek Chub Fly Rod Mouse Lure Gallery

The New Fly Rod Mouse No. F200 Series as shown in the 1931 Catalog that year for just $.75 cents : “The Baby mouse has long been a favorite food of the big trout and bass of lake and stream and in this little lure we have brought to perfection the looks and action of a tiny mouse struggling in the water. Very Lightly made and lifts easily from the surface; so well covered by the hook that very […]

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