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Heddon River Runtie Spook Lure

Heddon River Runtie Spook Lure

The Heddon River Runtie Spook Lure was first introduced in 1937 and was assigned a model 950. This second coming of this Heddon from Dowagiac Michigan fly lure was like many of the other period lures made from plastic. Although first introduced in a wood variation it wouldnt take Heddon Long to phase it over like many or its brethren.

This small antique fly lure measured in at only 1 1/4″ in length. The lure had only a single #5 hook molded into its body. The lure has a single line tie at the front of the lure on the nose. Just below the nose you’ll notice a small diving lip to give it some action and depth when being striped. The antique fly fishing lure was made to catch the small pan fish type as well as small trout. The lure has Heddon Stenciled on its belly for identification.

This fishing lure was offered in less than a dozen cataloged colors, and there are some uncatalogued colors out there for those treasure hunters.

2 & RH White, Red Head
2XS White & Red Shore Minnow
L Perch Scale
P Shiner Scale
XRG Green Shore Minnow
XRS Silver Shore Minnow
XRY Yellow Shore Minnow (Shown in the Gallery Below)
9XSK Goldfish Shore Minnow
XBW Black & White Shore Minnow

Heddon River Runtie Spook Photo Gallery

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Shakespeare Fly Rod Mouse Lure

Shakespeare Fly Rod Mouse Lure

Shakespeare Fly Rod Mouse Lure, or the Swimming Mouse as its referred to sometimes was introduced around the late 1930’s or early 1940’s. The Shakespeare Company of Kalamazoo Michigan labeled it as new in the 1940 antique lure catalog, but Ive learned that sometimes print doesn’t change from year to year and I didn’t have a late 30’s to rule it out. The model number its given in the catalog is a 6579. These little wooden pressed eye fly rod sized gems are not very easy at all to come by, or easy to put a collection together of. The lure is in the exact shape as its two larger sized brothers, has a line tie on the forehead and a single size 4 double hook.


The ad from the 1940 Shakespeare Antique Lure Catalog state: Fisherman wanted it so here it is….a fly rod size swimming mouse. Like it’s fish getting ancestors it brings home the fish. Weight 1/10oz Length of Body: 1 2/8″ inch No. 4 Double Hook. Six Assorted patterns on display card. BW – F – G – S – WR – YR”

BW – Black and White (As Shown in the Gallery)
F – Frog
G – Gray
S – Spotted
WR – White and Red
YR – Yellow and Red

Shakespeare Fly Rod Mouse Lure Photo Gallery

1940 Shakespeare Lure [...]
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Creek Chub Fly Fishing Lure Pikie

Creek Chub Fly Fishing Lure Pikie

The Creek Chub Fly Fishing Lure Pikie was fist introduced in 1924. This fly rod sized version of the classic Pikie minnow fishing lure came in both a bass and a trout size as so many of the Creek Chub Fly rod lures did. The Pikie Fly was only cataloged in three different colors, 00 Pike, 02 Red and White, and 05 Red Side. The lure was available in a trout size which was code 1200, and measured 1 1/4″ and a Bass size model 1400 measuring in at 1 5/8″. The lure was a pretty good replica of the original Pikie Minnow antique lure just in a miniature size. The lure has a single line tie and can be found with a leader attached. The antique lure uses a small size double hook to catch its prey.

The Fly Rod Pike

Our famous Pikie Minnow has the reputation of getting the most fish and the little darting wobbling Pikies carry on. Hooks Reversible.

Pikie Fly Lure 1931 Catalog Cut Pikie Fly Lure 1931 Catalog Cut

Creek Chub Fly Fishing Lure Pikie Photo Gallery

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Heddon Wilder Dilg Bob Davis Fly Lure

Heddon Wilder Dilg Bob Davis Fly Lure

We’ve come to know the Heddon Wilder Dilg Bob Davis Fly Lure as Yellow Head Yellow Hackle fly. But, do we know who Bob Davis the American Editor and photographer is? Why is this a face on the cover of the intro Heddon Fly rod antique lure box. Robert Hobart Davis was born in 1869-1942 to George and Silvia Davis in Brownsville Nebraska. Robert was influenced early by his parents who served as missionaries to the American Indian tribes.

Robert got his first taste of the editing industry by following in the footsteps of his older brother Sam to publish and distribute the Carson City Daily Appeal. Robert not content with his destiny would set out to bigger and larger things first to San Francisco to become a typesetter for the San Francisco Examiner.

He would then double back across country to New York. Becoming an editor for the New York Journal and the fiction editor at Munseys Magazine. Munseys isn’t a name we hear often in the antique lure collecting circle so let me expound. Munseys is credited to being the first mass market magazine. In 1891 it sold as many as 40000 copies a week and by time 1891 rolled around it was up to a half a million a month. Bob was there from 1904 to 1925 and it is this time period his zest and zeal for writing and Photography would […]

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