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Fishing For History Magazine February 2018

Fishing For History Magazine February 2018

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I’ve always enjoyed blogging at Fishing for History, and in 2013 when I started the Fishing for History magazine, I thought it had answered all my prayers. In truth, I had slowed down my blogging for several reasons, some personal, and others because I got tired of overseas entities copying my content and then selling it to article aggregation sites. “Why didn’t you use legal means to stop them?” you might ask. Well, you try initiating a lawsuit against an entity based in Bahrain. And even if I could win a costly legal battle (try hiring a bilingual lawyer), the chances of collecting are close to zero.

I did not miss a day blogging for something like seven years. Obviously, it was a big part of my life. One thing I learned the hard way, however, is you can’t do everything by yourself. This is why when Matt Lollman — founder of the really great “Fin & Flame” […]

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Fishing for History Friday Funhouse 2-9-2018

Fishing for History Friday Funhouse 2-9-2018

Fishing for History Friday Funhouse 2-9-2018; The Video of the Week

If you’ve never been introduced to Lee Sisson, you need to check out this short video to learn how he impacted Bagley Baits.

12 Thing I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

This is a BEAST of a Heddon Musky Lure.

I’ve seen a lot of Bear Creek Decoys growing up in Northern Minnesota but I don’t know if I’ve seen any that were this popular!

A Gold Ambassadeur 5500C is a great find!

This early wood minnow (possibly Woods?) has gotten a lot of interest.

I’ve always felt the Shakespeare underwater minnows like this Kazoo 3-Hook were greatly underrated.

You won’t find a nicer Horton Meek #5 combo than this one!

English made baits are always fun to collect and this old Devon is no exception.

This Don Musso Needlefish is a rare example of saltwater lure craftsmanship.

Several things I like about this Zangi 3V. First, its a classic Italian spinning reel. Second, its in a Taico box — a company best known for cheap Japanese imports. The American Import Co. (TAICO) did in fact import tackle from around the globe, not just Japan.

An old brass clamp […]

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Friday Funhouse February 2 2018

Friday Funhouse February 2 2018


Friday Funhouse February 2 2018 ; The Video of the Week

Some of you may have seen the ABU Garcia documentary, but if you haven’t, sit back and enjoy. It really its great!


12 Thing I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

Once or twice a year do you get a lure like this Heddon 150 that goes insane. Very possible it will go to five figures!


This Edward vom Hofe #360 is really rare. Could use a cleaning though!


Well, you have a better chance of being struck by lightning then finding a Charles F. Murphy fly rod.


A Heddon 100 in Black Aluminum is a striking bait.


Holy moly does this CCBC Wiggler in Black and White Spot look pretty!


Storm baits are super hot and this Wiggle Wart is leading the way.


You simply won’t find a better hand-made reel thana Jack Welch.


The Thoren Minnow Chaser is an iconic bait.


My vote for one of the most underrated collectible lures would be Smithwick, and this xxx is so cool and rare.


Be honest, have you ever heard of a Boris Flipper lure?


Love this Lash Master reel in the box!


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Angling Echoes Trout Fishing in the Rangeley Lakes

Angling Echoes Trout Fishing in the Rangeley Lakes

An excerpt from Angling Echoes Trout Fishing in the Rangeley Lakes; As regards methods of fishing, it need only be said that the high-toned angler will not tempt his intended victim with anything but a fly at any season. The best fly-fishing is to be had in the streams in the spring and in the lake in the fall. Those who go to the lakes in the spring and early summer determined to catch the biggest fish at all hazards must seek them with live minnows for bait, still-fishing, or by trolling in deep water. In either case, the law rules out all gang hooks. The “single baited hook” only is permitted, and any one infringing upon this wise restriction exposes himself to severe penalties. A larger hook, with a heavier leader than is used in ordinary brook trout fishing, is called for in these waters; but upon such points and with reference to the varieties of flies which are most available, advice may be had at any of the fishing- tackle stores. In general, however, give preference in making your selection to the more subdued colors, and do not permit yourself to be stocked up with an immense variety. Five or six kinds well selected will be more than enough to give the fish ample range for choice.

For the complete reading visit Angling Achoes

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Angling Echoes Premier Issue January 2018

Angling Echoes Premier Issue January 2018 Angling Echoes Premier Issue January 2018

Angling Echoes Angling Echoes

Echoes Premier Issue January 2018

Click the link below to read the first issue, and think about subscribing! 12 issues a year, $.99 an issue!

Angling Echoes

Also Take a look and like & follow our Facebook Page: Angling Echoes Facebook Page

On Instagram @AnglingEchoes

Angling Echoes is a unique departure in fishing magazines based on a very old idea. There is an ancient Hebrew saying that declares that some people die twice; once when the spirit leaves the body, and then again when their name is said out loud for the last time. This is as true for writings as it is for people. There are millions of words of angling literature that have been allowed to recede from memory and die unnecessary deaths. Angling Echoes collects these classic, obscure, and forgotten writings on fishing from authors ranging from the greatest in their field to anonymous scribes whose names are lost to history. Each issue will contain a long feature article of between 5000-10,000 words, followed by a selection of writings spanning the period from the eighteenth century to the modern era. These writings have been carefully curated both for the content and for their readability and interest. Everything […]

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Heddon Luny Frog Lure

Heddon Luny Frog Lure

The Heddon Luny Frog Lure was introduced around 1927. This change in material would influence the way Heddon would do business for decades to come. Making a switch from the standard wooden material, Heddon would evolve into a colossal giant making artificial baits with plastics. It widely known that the original attempts and the product selected were a failure, however it would take less than a half dozen years for the bait company located in Dowagiac Michigan to find a viable solution.

The Luny Frog Lure has always been a collector favorite. While the lore of the Heddon Wood Frog still evolves and changes from each person you can speak to, for some reason it would take Heddon almost an astonishing 25 years to try to present a more life like specimen than the frogs to which are credited with the inception of the company.

The Lure Frog Lure was given a model series 3500, and as I noted first made its appearance around 1927. The larges of the series it measures 4 1/4″ in length and tips the scale at 7/8 of an ounce. The lure had molded painted eyes, a double front hook attached with the toilet seat rig, and in this example a single hook coming out its closed feet.

The Luny was available in a Meadow Frog and a Green Meadow Frog finish. Later Red and White would be added to the color selection. The […]

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Tight Lines Tuesday Silver King

Tight Lines Tuesday Silver King

by John Etchieson –

Tight Lines Tuesday Silver King; The “Silver King” and the Schmelzer Arms Company – The first tarpon ever caught with a rod and reel was taken in 1885 by W. H. Wood using bait and a thumb stall reel with linen line on Sanibel Island in Tarpon Bay, Florida. The incredible size and tremendous fight put up by these beautiful leaping salt water tarpon fish, also known as the “Silver King”, made them an immediate hit with big game sports fishermen worldwide.

Hundreds of prominent anglers such as American industrialist Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone, and world famous inventor Thomas Edison all built their vacation mansions in Florida just so they could fish for the “Silver king” annually. And, as early as 1887 the Henry Hall Sons Line company was making their special “SILVER KING” brand of linen fishing lines for a number of prominent American sporting goods firms. One such famous sporting goods firm that Hall made their “Silver King” line for in 1903 was the Schmelzer Arms Company of Kansas City, MO.

The “Silver King” Tarpon fishing line spool shown here is the only known surviving example in existence today that features Schmelzer’s famous “turn of the century” logo with their slogan “We Pride Ourselves On quality”.

Comments or questions may be sent to John at

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NFLCC Greater Milwaukee Lure Show

NFLCC Greater Milwaukee Lure Show

NFLCC Greater Milwaukee Lure Show; Ever Wondered what it was like to look through the eyes of a antique lure collector? Mac Hoover did an amazing job in this short piece about the Greater Milwaukee Classic.

If your interested in the history of fishing (Bass, Ice, Fly, Carp, Crappie, Salt Water, Big Game, We have it all) and making sure it’s stories are continued to be told. Come join us. Were are the largest club who’s direct mission is to propagate the history of our sport. Visit the NFLCC FaceBook Page, Like and follow along to see if we would be a good fit for you!

NFLCC Greater Milwaukee Lure Show NFLCC

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Friday Funhouse January 26 2018

Friday Funhouse January 26 2018

The Video of the Week

If you haven’t seen this video of Frank Rybarcyk’s Shakespeare collection, you really should.

10 Thing I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

This Heddon Vamp #7509X is a truly astounding lure.

Leonard Mills Fly Reel is a classic reel.

Creek Chub Dealer Box of #502swill make a Creek Chub collector very happy.

Heddon reels like this Chief Do-Wa-Giac have been really hot of late.

This J.A. Coxe Model 15 has been very active.

A signed letter from H.L. Leonard is insanely rare.

The Ocean City Long Key is super rare, especially in the box. It’s an underrated reel.

You really don’t see many Nifty Minnies around. They are very brittle so a complete example is qiote a treasure indeed.

The South Bend Underwater Minnows are just incredible baits.

Three cheers for this Shakespeare Rotaryhead lure in a wooden slide top box.

Everyone loves the A&I Glowbody but remember, the material inside is poisonous!

I love glass minnow traps and this Orvis in shipping box is incredible.

As always, have a great weekend — and be good to each other, and yourself.

Dr Todd Larson

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Friday Funhouse January 19 2018

Friday Funhouse January 19 2018

Friday Funhouse January 19 2018;
The Video of the Week

If you have about 50 minutes you need to watch this beautiful movie by James Prosek, as he retraces the steps of Izaak Walton. Really well done.


10 Thing I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

This 1930s Wilson fly rod from Oregon is very rare.

Well this Rick Clunn belt buckle is a super cool piece of bass fishing history!


You don’t see many glass fly rods reach this high of a level like this Payne Glass.

Of the contemporary makers, is there a classier maker than Jan Cummings?

This Clark Bros. Make-Em-Bite is a classy bait.

This Rhodes Kalamazoo 3-Hook Minnow is amazing.

LOVE this Paw Paw Crippled Minnow, such a pretty bait!

Edward vom Hofe 9/0 Model #621 is a great add to an ocean reel collection.

This is a very nice and early Heddon 150.

You don’t see many of these Valentine fly reels around, but they are cool and pretty rare.

This Winchester 9205 is a nice find.

A CCBC Fintail in the box with papers? Hell yeah!

As always, have a great weekend — and be good to […]

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Tight Lines Tuesday Ultra Casting

Tight Lines Tuesday Ultra Casting

Tight Lines Tuesday Ultra Casting; The fancy cursive script font of the ULTRA CASTING brand is from the first quarter of the 20th century and is both distinctive and a highly sought after brand name by collectors of antique fishing tackle. The ULTRA CASTING brand was introduced about 1908 by the Shapleigh Hardware Company (known at the time as Norvell – Shapleigh) of St. Louis Missouri which traces it beginnings to 1843 when its founder Augustus F. Shapleigh established the firm.

The ULTRA CASTING brand name was used for fishing tackle such as a wooden minnow fishing lure that was packaged in a wooden slide top box. It was also used for a pair of wooden spools of a high quality pure silk casting line that were packaged in an aluminum canister, and it was also used for a very high quality nickel silver Kentucky style reel that was custom manufactured by the Montague Rod and Reel Company specifically for Shapleigh Hardware.

Comments or questions may be sent to John at

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Orchard Industries Slippery Slim Lure

Orchard Industries Slippery Slim Lure

The Orchard Industries Slippery Slim Lure is another lure in the trio produced by the company. Based in Detroit Michigan, on Morgan Drive, this famous antique lure maker was probably more noted for it’s “Action Rod”. The company founded in the late 1940s by co-owners Lewis Adam and A. Johnson. The Slippery Slim is the most obscure of the the Kick N Kackle and the Bottom Scratcher brethren. The antique lure was made in the early 1950’s and measure 2 3/8″ in length. The Slippery Slim was jointed in construction, its head being larger then the rear section. The lure has 2 trebles to secure its catch and a smaller diving lip attached at the nose to bring the lure down to the depths of its catch.

Orchard Industries Letterhead Orchard Industries Letterhead

Above is a Photo of Company Letterhead borrowed from Dr Todd’s Fishing For History Blog
The Slippery Slim lure was housed in a clear plastic hinged clam shell box. The box will have the name printed on the bottom left.The lure was only made in a few primary colors unlike its brothers, such as the “Bottom Scratcher” which can be seen on the color Chart I did a post on.

Orchard Industries Slippery Slim Lure Photo Gallery

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Friday Funhouse January 12 2018

Friday Funhouse January 12 2018

In this Friday Funhouse January 12 2018; NOTE: Guess what? I’M BACK BABY! Yes, I’ve got time to restart the Friday Funhouse and the blog again. It’s been some time but I’m happy to be back in the swing of things. I’m partnering with my man Matt Lollman over at Fin and Flame so check back for some cool happenings in 2018!

The Video of the Week

I’m a sucker for Hemingway. Not only was he a great writer, his love of fishing knew no bounds. For those who haven’t, pick up a copy of The Old Man and the Sea. You won’t be disappointed!

12 Things I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

This Julius vom Hofe Perforated Fly Reel is incredibly rare, even missing an end cap. How rare? One in the box went for 25k in a past Lang’s Auction!


You have got to love this Manitou Minnow.


Pflueger Atlapacs in the carrying case are super fun reels.


This CCBC Jointed Pikie in Blue Head is very rare.


When’s the last time you’ve seen a Union Hardware reel get this much interest???


Instant Collection Alert: Storm Wiggle Warts from the pre-Rapala era. Remind me to tell you about Rapala’s purchase of Storm some time!


Spears are […]

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Tight Lines Tuesday Monarch

Tight Lines Tuesday Monarch

by John Etchieson

Tight Lines Tuesday Monarch; Thomas H. Wood (1846 – 1931) was the founder of the fishing line manufacturing company in South Coventry Connecticut which bore his name and produced this extremely rare and handsome looking MONARCH pure silk fishing line over 100 year ago in 1917.

The regal looking animal at the center of the label is from an engraving modeled after the world famous “Monarch of the Glen”, an oil-on-canvas painting of a red deer stag completed in 1851 by the English painter Sir Edwin Landseer, to hang in the Palace of Westminster in London. However, the stag has twelve points on his antlers, both in the painting and on the line spool label engraving which in deer terminology technically makes him a “royal stag” but not a “monarch stag”, for which sixteen points are needed. However, despite that discrepancy, it itill represents a magnificent looking example of mid 19th century sporting art at its finest.

Special thanks to Mike Pollack for the use of his Monarch spool for this article.

Comments or questions may be sent to John at

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Tight Lines Tuesday Captain’s Pride

Tight Lines Tuesday Captain’s Pride

Tight Lines Tuesday Captain’s Pride; Captain Henry Hall (1821 – 1892) a seafaring man from Belfast Ireland came to America in 1838 and by 1840 established the Henry Hall Company to make Irish linen fishing lines which he called Cuttyhunk lines. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the company in 1940 Henry Hall’s image was taken from an old family portrait and was used on this CAPTAIN’S PRIDE CUTTYHUNK label to honor the firms founder.

Comments or questions may be sent to John at

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Hibbard Spencer Bartlett Fishing Catalog 1893

Hibbard Spencer Bartlett Fishing Catalog 1893

This Hibbard Spencer Bartlett Fishing Catalog from 1893 is one of my all time favorite catalogs, as well as favorite covers. Ive always been seduced by the 19th century fishing tackle makers. My favorite period of time being between the civil war and the turn of the 19th century. Hibbard Spencer & Bartlett would turn out to be a giant in the Jobber type catalog and sell everything from locks, to horse bridals to fishing gear and porcelain. It goes without saying this catalog is rather rare not just because of the date but due to the specificity of its fishing tackle subject matter.

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NFLCC Membership Giveaway

NFLCC Membership Giveaway

Thought you opened your last gift for the year? Well here is a chance for one more.

Everyone loves Free stuff so here is a free NFLCC club membership!

A great gift if your not a current member, or if your a current member help a friend who is not.

Simple Rules. Visit the Clubs fFacebook page Here: NFLCC Club Facebook Page (Link in Bio)

From the NFLCC Clubs Facebook Page (Not Fin & Flame’s);

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Winner will be randomly picked Thursday Night by a random number generator that picks from your comment position number on the page.

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Rush Tango Trout Tango Lure 6 Pack

Rush Tango Trout Tango Lure 6 Pack

The Rush Tango Trout Tango Lure is the smallest of the Tango line up. The old saying is it takes 2 two Tango, well in this case it takes 6! The Rush Tango Trout Tango lure was a fly rod lure measuring 1 3/4″ in length and having a detachable small double hook. The lure meant to be cast with a medium weight rod and line. Stated on the side of the box, the maker recommends adding a small worm to the item if you must. The company had its roots in Syracuse NY around the same areas a few of the later contended lure makers were also from. The Rush Tango story and history of the company is a long convoluted mess mixing antique lure makers James Heddon, Leroy Yakeley, Fillmore Smith and JK Rush in patent warfare leading to court cases and legal interpretation. These legal issues not only would present themselves to JK Rush with the tango lure, they would also face Heddon with the Tadpolly and Welles Patent infringement. The assortment of 6 lures could be purchased direct or from purveyors such as Hibbard Spencer and Bartlett, who in 1922 offers this 6 pack for merely sum of $1.50, yes please send me a dozen.

The Rush Tango Trout Tango Lure was offered in a variety of solid colors such as Red, Gold, Black, Silver, and Gold. Or two tone colors such as Red […]

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3rd Annual National Lure Collectors Club Gettysburg Show

3rd Annual National Lure Collectors Club Gettysburg Show

Only 30 Days left Until the 3rd Annual National Lure Collectors Club Gettysburg Show. If you hadn’t made plans, do so now!

January 25-27 2018, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The 3nd annual NFLCC Region II Gettysburg Winter Rendezvous will take place January 25-27th, 2018 at the Comfort Suites Gettysburg, 945 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, Pa. 17325. Hotel Reservations : 800-334-6912.

The room rate for NFLCC Members (Mention NFLCC when booking) $68.00/night-$95.00 per night without paid event registration for either 2 Queen Beds or 1 King Size Bed. Continental Breakfast is included. Registration for room trading and show is $10.00 (spouse/children of members free). We will hold a show this year, which will be open to the public. Only 20 tables are available, so first come first serve.

Table rental for our Show on Saturday January 27th, 2018 is $10.00 per table, maximum 2 tables per member.

Set up will begin at 7:00 am, and Early Buyer Registration fee is $20.00 for those members without tables . We will open to the Public at 9:00 am, and Public Admission/temporary club membership is $5.00, which will be applied to annual $35.00 membership if purchased at the show.

Show Host is Gary Lopez (610-346-7708/267-337-0474) and Co-host is Dennis Ocharzak (301-491-7116). Please send Registration and Table Rental Fees payable to Gary Lopez, 145 Thistle Hill, Riegelsville, Pa. 18077.

Email Gary at if you have any questions regarding […]

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Tight Lines Tuesday Line Blocks

Tight Lines Tuesday Line Blocks

by John Etchieson

Tight Lines Tuesday Line Blocks; 133 years ago in 1884 a fisherman was just as likely to find his fishing lines to be packaged on a wooden frame, called a “line block”, as he was to find them wrapped onto a round wooden spool since those had only been introduced 5 years earlier in 1879. One of the earliest known brands of fishing lines on a 19th century “line block” is this rare example of an Empire City Braid Company – long staple cotton braided line with a simple paper label depicting the image of a fish and which is still intact on this unused fishing line that has become both stained and darkened with age. The Empire City Braid Company was not actually a real company, but rather a “house brand” name that was made up and used solely for marketing purposes by the New York City fishing tackle firm known as the Abbey and Imbrie Company which had been formed by the partnership of L. H. Abbey and C. F. Imbrie in 1875. Finding a fishing “line block” from 1884 is indeed a rare find today, but finding one that has never been used and still has its original fishing line with label is a true tackle treasure for any collector of antique fishing tackle to find.

Comments or questions may be sent to John at

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Louis Rhead Anglers Christmas

Louis Rhead Anglers Christmas 1917

I saw this Louis Rhead Anglers Christmas scene from 1917 come across my feed this morning and just had to share.

Louis Rhead Anglers Christmas 1917 Louis Rhead Anglers Christmas 1917

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NFLCC 2018 Club Magazine Winter Issue

NFLCC 2018 Club Magazine Winter Issue

With the forthcoming NFLCC 2018 Club Magazine Winter Issue and holiday I thought it appropriate;

Twas the Night Before the Winter Issue

Twas the Night Before the Winter Issue,
And All through the House,
In This the winter issue Dorr, Martin & Hecht Show us some splendid Creek Chub Fly Rod Lures, including a Mouse,
The Stockings were Hung by the Chimney with Care,
With Hopes that more of Dudley’s wonderful cover art, soon would be there.

The members were a nestled, all snug in their beds,
Knowing visions of Chance’s folk art lures, would soon fill their heads.
Momma in her kerchief and I in my Cap, Had just opened a bottle of Single Malt to enjoy with John Etchison’s line art, night cap.

When out on the lawn their rose such a clatter,
While the thought of Gary Smith’s article on Herter’s, all that did matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash, Blinded by the Light of Thomas’s Lemax and their Flash!

The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow,
Until reading Bucha’s & Tustison article on Creek Chub Wigglers, little I did know.
When what to my wandering eyes should appear, in the center of the Mag a North Channel in the Box, Appear!

With a little old driver so lively and quick,
Did Dudley’s letter from the editor, read really quick!
More rapid than eagles his courses they came,
My excited anticipation for Pigeon Forge and Milwaukee
did came.

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2018 ORCA Club Patch

2018 ORCA Club Patch

The 2018 ORCA Club Patch is now available just in time for Christmas and while your there make sure to add a years membership to your cart as well! To Purchase please follow the link! 2018 ORCA Club Patch

2018 ORCA Club Patch 2018 ORCA Club Patch

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NFLCC Gazette Winter 2017

NFLCC Gazette Winter 2017

Its time for NFLCC Gazette Winter 2017 that Santa brings us antique lure collectors. Sticking with the Holiday’s the cover, the front covered is a festive presentation. Gary Smith wrapped up 35 pages of historical articles for our pleasure and education from various club members and authors.

President Stuart Strange kicks us off with a Letter From the President.
Life member Larry Smiths Article takes us back a century to some of the early trolling lures.
Gary Smith with a letter from the editor.
Matt Lollman adds his two cents blending numismatists and JB McHarg.
Club Secretary Sandy Schottenham lays out the club Financials
Member Profile is long time member Frank Cristao
William Krohn knocks it out of the park with a in depth spread with Part II of Early Fishing Spinners of Massachusetts.
Bill Sonnet educates us once again with his Heddon Wiggle King & Lucky 13 Lure Connection
We get a quick synopsis of the Creek Chub Historical marker presentation
Region 5 Show Recap
Induction of Honorary Member Solly Robisheaux
Jerry Grayling explores the Leroy Lure Company
Rounding out the Gazette we get the early 2018 show itinerary

Lastly if your not a member of the National Fishing Lure Collectors CLub yet, make sure to give yourself a present this year and join us! By following the link: NFLCC Membership

NFLCC Gazette Winter 2017 NFLCC Gazette Winter 2017

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Fishing Tackle Consignments

Fishing Tackle Consignments

Fishing Tackle Consignments Service. Have lures, reels, rods or sporting items to sell? Let us help you. Yes we directly buy items for our collection too, but if you’d rather enlist our help to make sure you receive current market value, let me help by selling it for you. Have a collection your need to sell, interests changes, or selling a few to buy a few more, let me help.

Click Here to See Our Current Offerings:  Current Ebay Consignments

Professional Service Providing Fast, Easy Process, Easy to Understand & Confidential

2 Decades of Sales Consignments, Direct Sales & Ebay

Past 2 Term Regional VP of the NFLCC (National FIshing Lure Collectors Club)

Current Webmaster for O.R.C.A. (Old Reel Collectors Association)

Member of FATC (Florida Antique Tackle Collectors)

Antique Tackle is my Job, Im neck deep in this hobby (Pun intended if you know me) if you’d like to read about why, the front page of this site gives insight (Teaser, Mailmen and Pitbull’s dont’ mix) and this link, well this link, was the icing on the cake. I’ve taken a few negative personal situations, and made it positive, embracing what Ive always enjoyed as a hobby and turned into my life with the help of an awesome wife, family and friends. In a strange way, this hobby, and fishing, has saved my life and got me back out of the chair and into […]

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Tight Lines Tuesday The First Kingfisher Lines

Tight Lines Tuesday The First Kingfisher Lines

by John Etchieson

Its Tight Lines Tuesday The First Kingfisher Lines ; Between 1890 and 1905 the E J Martin Company Kingfisher brand was granted a registered trade mark by the U S Patent Office for each of three slightly different variations to the artwork that was used on their first Kingfisher brand fishing line labels. Finding any one of these 100 + year old label variations today would be considered quite a rare find due to their age and extreme scarcity. However, finding all three of these label variations on the smaller sewing thread type size wooden spools would be considered next to impossible. And, in fact, these three examples shown here represent the only complete set currently known to exist today making them the rarest of those first Kingfisher lines from the 19th century.

Comments or questions may be sent to John at

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Bamboo Lore Notes on Making, Wrapping, and Repairing Bamboo Fly Rods

Bamboo Lore Notes on Making, Wrapping, and Repairing Bamboo Fly Rods

In Bamboo Lore, Edwin Thomas Whiffen (1874 – 1957) was a prominent outdoor writer in the 1910s and 1920s who led a varied and fascinating life. A native New Yorker, he spent an active career as a teacher in New York City. A graduate of Syracuse University, he was also a notable playwright and poet, as well as an amateur herpetologist. He published widely in his lifetime. Whiffen was also an outdoor writer in the 1900-1920 period and prominent in the pages of Outing, Forest & Stream, Outdoor Life, and other popular sporting journals. His subjects were as eclectic as he was, ranging from a defense of the Carp as an American sport fish (one of the earliest such articles) as well as fly fishing for Adirondack Frost Fish, a species of whitefish now endangered of which almost no other outdoor writers took note. Whiffen was also a rodmaker, who taught many contemporary outdoorsmen how to build their own rod from scratch through his popular articles in the sporting press. A man not bound by tradition, his writings are unlike any other rodmaking writings out there, and are filled with fascinating tidbits of information gleaned on the stream. He was a major advocate of very light fly rods at a time when this was almost unheard of, as well as a proponent of one-piece rods as superior to jointed models. He was fishing a six […]

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The Home Rodmaker Book

The Home Rodmaker Book Building Saltwater, Bait Casting, and Fly Rods from Wood & Bamboo

In The Home Rodmaker, Stillman Taylor probably taught more people how to make fishing rods than any other writer of the 1900-1930 era. Yet today, he is virtually unknown even to the most advanced rod makers and fishing historians. How did someone so prominent in the field of rodmaking disappear so completely? The answer lies in the publications for which Taylor wrote. Unlike almost every other rodmaking writer known, Stillman Taylor did not target the fishing audience of sporting periodicals. Instead, he used his skills as one of the nation’s prominent “how-to” writers of the day to pen a number of rodmaking articles for Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, etc. These magazines had subscription bases that dwarfed even the most widely read sporting periodical, and moreover, were read by handymen and women of a mechanical bent for whom his writings would have been easy to follow. Without doubt, he convinced a number of these readers to make their first rods from scratch. In this volume — the 10th in the on-going series on classic and overlooked rodmaking writings — all known rodmaking articles by Stillman Taylor are collected for the first time into one handy volume. They include how to make a saltwater rod, one of the very few detailed articles on how to make a classic wooden saltwater rod ever published, as well as articles on making one, two, and three-piece […]

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ORCA November 2017 REEL NEWS

ORCA November 2017 REEL NEWS

The ORCA November 2017 REEL NEWS  has been published and has something for everyone! This edition’s front cover features an amazing Bradley reel bearing a historic inscription. The Reel News has a fascinating story to go with, entitled “Never say Never”. ORCA President David Lehmann recognizes the extraordinary efforts of our Branson ORCA National Convention organizers and introduces a number of new key ORCA personnel. Reel News editor Richard Lodge provides coverage about our Branson convention including recognition of our newest Honorary Member John Elder, our outgoing President Betty Barr and all of the convention contest winners. Everyone had a great time! Breakfast with the Board and the new ORCA Strategic Plan are also covered in detail.

Reel lovers will enjoy reading about “The Arbeco Reels of R. Blackington & Co.” which is the subject of Dr. Todd’s article on Reels of the Trade. Roger Schultz discusses the 2 variations of the 1914 Meisselbach Free Spool Surf Reel. Victor Koury explains the fine points of certain collectible Ambassadeur reels. Renzo Di Paolo discusses little known facts about big game reel maker Everol and his visit to their factory in Italy. Reels you may actually have on your collector shelf (or tackle box) are covered in “Smooth-casting Johnson closed-face reels”…. and this edition has much more to offer. If you are not already a Reel News subscriber, Join ORCA today and […]

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Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures

The 2018 Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures

In the Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures; Everyone has an opinion on what a vintage fishing lure is worth, but there is only one way to know for sure: find out what similar or identical lures have sold for in the recent past. But this is not as easy as it sounds. On-line auction sites delete all records of sales older than three months, and many of the rarer lures only come up for sale every year or two. So how can you reliably tell what any given fishing lure is worth?

The Book is now available for pre-order by clicking below

The 2018 Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures

In The 2018 Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures, noted collector and author Matt Lollman has collected 10,000+ actual sale prices of thousands of different fishing lures from hundreds of different companies. From on-line auction and forum sales to speciality auction houses to in person show sales, Lollman has given the following details for each entry: Company (including company city and state), Lure and Model Number, Color, Era, Detailed Description, Material, Condition, Month of Sale, and actual sale in dollars. Now you can quickly and conveniently find out the value of thousands of different lures! Includes 24 pages of color photos of lures and rare lure color charts. As opposed to value guides, which estimate the sale price […]

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Father of the Five Strip Bamboo Fly Rod

Father of the Five Strip Bamboo Fly Rod

In the Father of the Five Strip Bamboo Fly Rod Robert W. Crompton was many things — artist, writer, advertising man, outdoorsman, fly fisherman — but we remember him best today as the father of the five strip bamboo fly rod. Noted bamboo rod maker and author Robert D. Smith has uncovered the fascinating history of this overlooked rod making genius, from his nineteenth century origins to the heights of his advertising career when his work was seen by millions of Americans to the accident that ended his career as an artist and propelled him into the world of fly rod making. The book is divided into four parts: the first reproducing all of his known writings on subjects from fly lines to camping; the second brings together all his rod making writings, including his unpublished rod making book; the third is a detailed biography of his life and career; and the fourth section covers his fly rods and fly rod taper designs. This book will be a revelation and will help modern readers understand how deeply influential Crompton was on both fly fishing and rod making.

To Order this book Please visit Whitefish Press by clicking below.

Father of the Five Strip Bamboo Fly Rod

This definitive biography and collection of his original writings (including his unpublished rod making manual) is the product of five years of labor. It includes dozens […]

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Tight Lines Tuesday Kingfisher Lines

Tight Lines Tuesday Kingfisher Lines

by John Etchieson
– Kingfisher Lines –
98 years ago this month in December 1919 the Horton Mfg. Company of Bristol Connecticut (est. 1887) purchased the factory, equipment, patents and trade marks of the E. J. Martin’s Sons firm, makers of the “Kingfisher” brand braided silk fish lines of Rockville, Connecticut since 1884. Beginning in January 1920 Horton added their name to the lower right portion of the labels of Kingfisher Brand lines. Comments or questions may be sent to John at

Tight Lines Tuesday Kingfisher Lines Tight Lines Tuesday Kingfisher Lines

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Heddon Basser Antique Lure

Heddon Basser Antique Lure

The Heddon Basser Antique Lure was first introduced in 1922. The great wooden Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan lure was in the Heddon lure line up for over three decades. The Basser lure was given a series model 8500. This glass eyed fishing lure was 4 1/4″ in length and traditionally came with the three treble hooks shown. The 8500 series was for the lack of a better term the base model. From the 8500 would come Basser lures that were longer, shorter, different hook type rigging , different face plate inscriptions to cover a wide array of fishing types. The Basser having its open smiling mouth be its most identifiable feature.

The first lure shown below in the gallery is a very tough colored lure, and is Circa mid 1920’s. The lure is Yellow with Gold Spots, and would have come in a red border down leaping bass box marked 8509 YG. The lure has L rig hook hardware and a scripted and screwed in metal mouth plate. At the top part of the mouth you’ll find the lures single forward line tie. Next Shown is a very clean Basser in Green Scale with red eye shadow. The featured lure for the article is a Goldfish Basser in correct box with paperwork.

The Heddon Basser antique lure would be made in dozens of different colors over the 3 decades both cataloged and uncatalogued making it a fun lure to […]

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Tight Lines Tuesday Rare Tsatlees Silk

Tight Lines Tuesday Rare Tsatlees Silk

by John Etchieson

As a longtime collector, researcher, and an author on the history of America’s fishing lines I have seen many wonderful examples of the packaging and graphics used to sell fishing lines one hundred or more years ago. One such recent discovery I made was this Abbey & Imbrie (Est. 1820) boxed coil of unused Braided Tsatlees Silk Fly line. The graphic image in the bottom of the box was certainly eye appealing and the owner, Markus Schober of Thun Switzerland, was seeking to learn more about its age. Markus had found the unused box of line in the barn of a neighbor’s farm and thought it might be from 1900. I offered to help him and found from reviewing my research records that the Tsatlees silk came from China in the heart of the geographical region known for producing the very best quality white silk that was so popular in the 1880s era.

This led me to check my records of pre 1900 catalogs and ads for Abbey & Imbrie fishing lines in my research journals where I discovered a single ad published by the American Angler magazine on March 3 1883 for this very same rare braided “Tsatlees silk” fishing line offered in either raw, boiled or oiled and in the tapered polished finish.

After 35 years of researching I have learned that just when you think you have seen and learned it […]

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Tight Lines Tuesday President Grover Cleveland

Tight Lines Tuesday President Grover Cleveland

by John Etchieson

90+ years ago in 1925 the Newton Line Company of Homer New York honored American President Grover Cleveland (1837 -1908) an avid fisherman noted for using tarred Cuttyhunk lines for the striped bass at Buzzards Bay in Bourne, Massachusetts where he owned the Gray Gables estate and spent his summers The photo image used by Newton on this extremely rare fishing line spool label was one of several photographs taken of Grover Cleveland on February 3 1903 by Frederick Gutekunst (1831 -1917) at his studio located at 712 Arch St. Philadelphia PA. Gutekunst was possibly the most famous American photographer of his day and was subsequently labeled the “Dean of American Photographers” comments or questions may be sent to John at

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Tight Lines Tuesday the Puritan

Tight Lines Tuesday the Puritan
by John Etchieson

Sometime in the fall of 1621, the Puritans invited their Indian friends to join them in a three-day festival which we now call the first Thanksgiving. As an avid collector of all kinds of antique fishing tackle items, I just had to show off this 93 year old (1924) Horrocks-Ibbotson Company wooden spool of PURITAN brand Italian silk fishing line from my collection … this just seemed like the right week to do it.

Comments or questions may be sent to John at

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Wright McGill Eagle Claw History

Wright McGill Eagle Claw History

This Wright McGill Eagle Claw History tale was taken from an excerpt from the Company in 1974. Stories like these breath life into the companies that we as collectors seek out. Being able to bring the different pieces of the puzzle to the table and recreate history with lore.

Wright McGill Eagle Claw History

It Happened in the late 1920’s after Drew McGill and Stan Wright formed the Wright & McGill Co., for the tying of high grade fishing flies. Drew was on the Upper Colorado River Perusing his favorite sport, fly fishing that magnificent stream.

It all happened when he stopped to light his pipe and take a short rest.

The mornings fishing had not been as good as it could have been, for it seemed that even though the rainbows and the natives were rising, they were difficult to hook. While thinking of this and the ways that he could improve his fishing techniques, he watched the lazy circles of two large eagles. As he sat quietly enjoying this wilderness scene, one of the eagles slowly spiraled downward and landed beyond him in the top of a dead cottonwood; the tips of the birds talons lightly gripping a weathered bare limb. His thoughts turned to the penetrating power of the fish hooks he was using.

As the powerful bird took to the air, Drew took his fishing fly and holding it by the tiny […]

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Tight Lines Tuesday The Swastika

Tight Lines Tuesday The Swastika
by John Etchieson

Tight Lines Tuesday The Swastika; The Swastika was not always an evil symbol – 100+ years ago in 1914 this very rare “Speckled Beauty” fly fishing line featuring the lithographic image of a leaping Brown Trout was introduced and sold by the Ashaway Line and Twine Company of Ashaway Rhode Island under their “Swastika Brand” trade mark. Ashaway had been using the U S registered “Swastika Brand” trade mark for at least nine years prior to that time since its meaning was both symbolic of, and synonymous with “good luck” or “good fortune” in the popular culture and also with their fishing customers who often relied upon a little luck as much as skill to catch fish.

In fact, the Swastika had conveyed this same positive meaning universally for more than 3000 years and had been used as decoration in many different cultures around the world including the native American Indians; and it can even be found still today adorning the architecture of ancient Buddhist temples and ancient Jewish synagogues around the world. This 3000 year old “Good Luck” Swastika symbol obviously only became corrupted and turned into an evil symbol after Adolph Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933 and his Nazi Party’s Swastika became Germany’s official national symbol until 1945. Coincidentally, 1933 was the last year that the Ashaway Line and twine Company was to ever again use their Good Luck “Swastika Brand” trade mark. It […]

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Tight Lines Tuesday Pawtucket Braided Line Company

Tight Lines Tuesday by John Etchieson
Pawtucket Braided Line Company

The Pawtucket Braided Line Company established in 1882 in Pawtucket Rhode Island by Alphonso G. Hazard, this firm produced cotton, linen and silk fish lines as well as shoe laces until about 1928 when the firm was sold to Horrocks Ibbotson of Utica New York. Horrocks Ibbotson changed the name of the firm to American Line Company and subsequently moved the factory and production from Pawtucket to Utica in about 1930 and continued to make the American Line Company brand lines through the early 1930s.

Horrocks Ibbotson also used their newly acquired Pawtucket Braided Line Company equipment to manufacture fishing lines for others under private label such as the W T Grant Company, a chain of five and dime variety stores. The examples shown here used the same art work for the labels for both firms, but the Horrocks Ibbotson produced version appears on the blue color wooden spool that H-I introduced in 1932 while the Pawtucket version produced prior to 1928 is on the black color spool.

Finding either of these line spools would be considered difficult as both are extremely rare, but finding both with the exact same graphic label provides historic evidence of the ownership transition in the merger of two great fishing tackle firms more than 85 years ago. Comments or questions may be sent to John at

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Tight Lines Tuesday the Black Witch

Tight Lines Tuesday the Black Witch

by John Etchieson
For Halloween today the BLACK WITCH brand fishing line would be the Ideal one to use. Made in the late 1930s by the Newton Line Company of Homer, New York, this black colored supreme silk casting line had a label featuring an image of a black witch flying on her broom stick and the letters “O.V.B.” inside of a shield next to her.
This line was sold by the wholesale hardware distributor Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett, & Company of Chicago (1882 – 1962) which sold their top of the line quality merchandise with those letters “O.V.B.” which meant “OUR VERY BEST”
Comments or questions may be sent to John at

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Wreath Sales for Class Trip to DC

Hi Im Ethan Lollman my Dad runs Fin & Flame. I asked if it would be ok if I wrote this on his blog and see if anyone was interested in Holiday wreaths. Our school (Oak Hall Episcopal) is selling these to help pay for our class trip this spring to Washington DC to learn about Democracy. These items are shipped fresh right to your house so you dont have to live close. Thanks for taking the time and considering helping me with your purchase.

My Dad said you can with Paypal Friends and Family to or Send a Check to us as 350 Briar CT Ardmore, OK 73401 and he would cover until your check arrived. Please email any questions and or shipping addresses’s to may dad @

Thank you again. Ethan Lollman


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Tight Lines Tuesday Ace Hardware by Shakespeare

Tight Lines Tuesday Ace Hardware by Shakespeare

by John Etchieson
Here is a rare 80 year old ACE STORES “QUALITY” brand Japan silk casting line from 1937 that was manufactured by the Shakespeare Tackle Company. In 1924, to increase buying power and profits, entrepreneurs Richard Hesse, E. Gunnard Lindquist, Frank Burke and Oscar Fisher united their Chicago, Illinois hardware stores into “Ace Stores”. The company was named after the ace fighter pilots of
World War I, who were able to overcome all odds, and the company’s logo of an airplane was selected to honor them. Ace Stores was incorporated in 1928, and the company opened its first warehouse a year later. In 1931, the name was changed to Ace Hardware Corporation. ACE STORES used the logo on this label from 1931 – 1950, but Shakespeare’s Japan silk lines were discontinued in 1941 after Japan attacked the USA at Pearl Harbor. So. this particular line was made for the 5 year period from 1937 through 1941
Comments or questions may be sent to John at

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Tight Lines Tuesday Mount Everest

Tight Lines Tuesday Mount Everest

Tight Lines Tuesday Mount Everest by John Etchieson –

In the early 1920s (1921 – 1924) several expeditions were undertaken by different parties of men to ascend to the top of Mount Everest, the worlds tallest mountain at 29,035 feet above sea level which is located midway between Tibet and China in the Himalayas. Mount Everest had been named by the Royal Geographical Society in 1865 to honor Colonel Sir George Everest (pictured) who was responsible for the surveying of India from 1830 through 1843. The world wide attendant publicity and media news coverage (including a silent film documentary by the Royal Geographical Society distributed to theaters world wide) of the several attempted but unsuccessful ascensions to the top of Mount Everest by George Mallory (3 times), Andrew Irvine, and others made the name of Mount Everest a house hold name and part of the contemporary popular culture 90+ years ago in 1924.

The G. H. Mansfield Company wasted no time in obtaining a trade mark for the name Mount Everest together with an image of that historic landmark in 1924 which it used to associate its highest quality braided silk fishing line with the highest and most recognizable mountain in the world over the course of the next 9 years prior to Mansfield filing bankruptcy and closing in 1933. From those 9 years of Mansfield’s production of their Mount Everest fishing Line, less that a dozen examples are […]

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Creek Chub Deluxe Wag Tail Lure

Creek Chub Deluxe Wag Tail Lure

The Creek Chub Deluxe Wag Tail lure was made by Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett Indiana. Wagtail Chub was being produced by hand since all the way back in 1918. Lets put that into world perspective; 1918 wasn’t a time of peace, relaxation and fishing. 1918 most importantly saw the last year of fighting in the great World War I, which ended in November of that same year. It was also one of the Last battles of the American Indian War that was fought in Arizona. That same year we see the great Pandemic of Influenza killing over 10,000 people. Just a mere 2 hours away (of course at today’s’ speed) we had the great Circus car train crash which killed 86 people.

The lure was in Creek Chub’s lure production line up for over 3 decades. The Deluxe Wag Tail Chub was Creek Chub’s model 800 fishing lure series number. The color code is 06 for the corresponding gold fish color but was offered in under a dozen color choices notated below. This wooden, glass eyed antique lure was 2 3/4 inches in length and weighed in at 1/2oz. The fishing lure came standard with 2 hanging belly double hooks. The Deluxe Wagtail Chub was issued in both a fluted or straight metal tail fin. The wagtail lure also came in both the single and double line tie as shown below.

Some of […]

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Joe Pepper Big Four Lure Card

Joe Pepper Big Four Lure Card

Here is a great Joe Pepper Big Four Lure Card assortment. These rare cards are seldom seen especially in this new old stock condition. The item dates to the turn of the century or a few years after. The lures and flies are carefully tied on the reverse of the card.

Joe Pepper’s

Big Four


Are Sure Winners

A Great Killer for Wall Eye, Pike and Bass,

Troll Slow and Deep

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Kurz Buck Skin Lure

Kurz Buck Skin Lure

The Kurz Buck Skin Lure is over 100 years old. Given that it is a piece of folded rawhide it looks pretty darn good for being over the century mark. The Kurz Bros. Co. were based in Chicago, Illinois @1369-89 North Branch Street.and during a time in the mid teens where lure inventors experienced making lures our of everything from glass to metal it would only be logical the someone would choose raw hide.

The Kurz Buck skin lure is essentially a folded piece of rawhide. The lure claims that when fished it has a lifelike softness. The antique lure was made in three different sizes, two of which are shown below. The lure was painted in three different finishes as well, Silver , Gold (Shown Below) & Brown (Shown Below). The Buck Skin Lure uses a steel rivet to hold the pieces together, and small weight inserted between the two layers on the bottom. The lure has a single upwardly turned fixed hook midway on the top portion of the lure.

Kurz Buck Skin Paperwork Kurz Buck Skin Paperwork

Kurz Buck Skin Bait

Embodying an Entirely New Principle in Artificial Bait

Real Skin

Strong, Raw calf or buckskin, treated under a special formula, so that it will soften in cold water to produce the effect and touch of a living fish – that is the idea behind Kurz […]

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Harpers Weekly April 1872

Harpers Weekly April 1872

In this edition of Harpers Weekly April 1872 we get a glimpse in to some of the lifes work for a man who’s name and work are embedded in fish-lore, fly fishing and sporting. Mr Seth Green in no an uncommon name to read when doing any type of research into the history of fishing. Whether it be stocking Tout or taking them on a fly Mr Green’s persona was only equaled by his lifes work and dedication to fishing.

Harpers Weekly April 1872 Harpers Weekly April 1872

Harpers Weekly April 1872 Harpers Weekly April 1872

Harpers Weekly April 1872 Harpers Weekly April 1872

APRIL 27, 1872.

In April, 1868, the Legislature of the State of New York passed a much-needed act for the protection of fish. The Hudson River was at the moment practically closed by various nets of so small a mesh that mature shad could not ascend to the usual spawning beds.

This act specifies four and a half inches as the smallest mesh to be used in a shad net, and provides, under penalty, for the opening of all nets or traps from sun-down of Saturday until sunrise of the following Monday. It also designate the season for shad fishery to be those days between the 15th of April and the 15th of June. Horatio […]

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Heddon Punkie Spook Fly Lure

Heddon Punkie Spook Lure

The Heddon Punkie Spook Fly lure was made no doubt due to the popularity of the now famous Heddon Punkinseed lure. This antique fly lure was a series 980, and shown in Heddon’s White Shore Finish Color Code XS and XRW. The lure was made in the in roughly a half dozen or so colors some shown in the second gallery. The antique lure is normally found in a red edge cellophane window box. The Punkie Spook was introduced in 1940, and was in and out of production a few times until it disappears in 1958. All having painted eyes, the earliest version below having a single affixed hook and the later a trailing treble hook and both versions having the line tie under the chin.

While not necessarily in reference to Punkinseeds alone, as I’ve discussed before in this hobby, as with all others in which that have monetary value, there are reproductions. Punkinseed’s in general have had a vast appeal to collectors both old and new, and young and old and have transcended gender boundaries as well. They have and do provide a vertical niche inside of antique fishing lure collecting.  So while gaining in popularity they also attract imitations. While some may say imitation is the purest form of flattery, educate yourself before making antique lure purchases. Right or wrong, that fact remains they are out there, and some fakes are pretty good while others lend to […]

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Louis Rhead Obituary

Louis Rhead Obituary

This Louis Rhead Obituary was printed by the same newspaper the Rhead had penned and contributed for decades earlier. His range was from fly Fishing the Gentleman’s Trout to landing the Gamy Black Bass and wrestling the Muskie from the deep. Rhead was born in England in 1857 and would pass in 1926 at the age of 69. Rhead lived a life befitting of his talents, how ironic or apropos was it then “Nature” something that gave Rhead purpose, subject and a foundation of which to use for inspiration would ultimately be mentioned in the casualty of his death. For Rhead, nature, and the species it’s cast of characters within, would provide a lifes study, a lifes work. Rhead was an artist in the true purest sense, for his expressions were not only displayed and read during his life, but generations after his death. From Children to Anglers to Naturalists the subject and audience & world would benefit.

Fight with Turtle Hastened Death of Louis Rhead

Heart Attack Followed Over Exertion by Noted Amityville Angler-Artist

Louis Rhead, widely known as an artist and angler, died suddenly of heart disease at his home here yesterday. It is believed that overexertion brought on the heart attack that caused his death. 

Mr. Rhead , formerly a Brooklyn-ite, took up fishing as a hobby. It came to be one of his greatest interests and he wrote two books on trout “American Trout […]

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Messinger Fly Bucktail Hair Frog

Messinger Fly Bucktail Hair Frog Collection

We have a historic Messinger Fly Bucktail Hair Frog Collection in on Consignment, and available for sale over the next couple weeks. Over 40 Messinger Frog’s, no 2 exactly the same a life collection of a fellow NFLCC club member. We’ve been given an opportunity to not only help sell it, but to photograph it, and share the story and works of a legendary fly tier. I will add to this original post over the next few weeks and re-post as the items are photographed, roughly once a week so by the end the collection will be view-able on this one page.

Messinger is said to have begun tying Flies as early as 1910. Jim Dean Writes “He certainly had no inkling that his passionate love of fly fishing and deer hair frogs he’d been tying since 1910 would soon lead him to his life’s work.Nor would he have guessed his innovative bugs would influence the style of every deer hair frog pattern that followed”

Joe Messinger Jr tells us in a American Angler article

…”When my dad returned home to West Virginia from the US Army after World War I, he began working on a artificial Deer Hair Frog. He originated the technique he used to tie the frog and it resulted in a very effective imitation of the real thing. Although the lure became popular with anglers through out this country and […]

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