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South Bend Plug Oreno Antique Lure

South Bend Plug Oreno Antique Lure

The South Bend Plug Oreno Antique Lure was first brought to market in 1932. This wooden antique fishing lure produced by the South Bend Bait Company in South Bend Indiana was given a model number 959. This fly eater was in production for 12 years and was removed from the line up in 1942.

This wooden, glass eyed vintage fishing lure is a collector favorite with its clownish smiling face. The Plug Oreno lure can be found in both Glass Eye and Tack Eye variations. The lure measures 2″ in length and weighs in at 5/8oz. The lure itself having two large single hooks and 2 large wire antenna to help it through the weeds.

The 1930 Catalog states:

“A surface Lure that will come through all the weeds with a slight wobbling action. Weed guards so arranged that all hook are protected from logs, snags and any vegetation. Effectivley used with Wiggle Tail Pork Rind, which can be conveniently attached.”

Standard Catalog Colors are:
B – Black with Red Around the Eyes
F – Frog (Shown in Gallery)
FS – Frog Splotch
RH – Red Head White Body
Y – Yellow with Red & Green Spots

South Bend Plug Oreno Antique Lure Photo Gallery

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Shurebite Frog Lure

Shurebite Frog Lure

This Shurebite Frog Lure is the later in the series of Frogs created by Shuebite. Hopping into the picture around 1948 this version upgrade changes its makeup from sponge and wood to what we see here using tenite. Located in 1948 in Bronson Michigan the Surebite antique lure company making its move from Kokomo, Indiana. This plastic lure measures 3″ in length and has a plastic lip inserted into the front of the lure with it’s single line tie which has three different options. The lure maintains its use of the thin rubber legs dangling from the rear of the body. This Surebite fly eat uses a single downward facing hook mounted into the underside which is protected from the weeds by the typical metal tines.

The lure was only ever offered in the green frog color shown. This lure would come housed in the traditional burnt orange colored lure box labeled frog on the top half of the box. The second frog shown in the gallery below is the one who patent was applied for in May of 1941 and granted in October of 1942. The lure is made with a wood top and a sponge bottom, as you can see the one in the gallery below the sponge has deteriorated. It also gives us a view into the Type II box and wording used.

“If its a Shurebite It’s Good”

This box contains one Shurbite Topwater Weedless Frog, carefully designed to imitate a natural frog. Highly flexible rubber legs produce a lifelike action. Takes various fish all hours of the day. To be fished in lilly pads and other water vegetation. Must be retrieved with short quick jerks.

Shurebite MFG. Co. LTD Bronson, Michigan

Patetnt No. 2298811

Shurebite Type II Frog Antique Lure Shurebite Type II Frog Antique Lure

Shurebite Frog Antique Lure Patent Shurebite Frog Antique Lure Patent

Shurebite Frog Lyre Photo Gallery

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