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Detroit Bass Caller Lure

Detroit Bass Caller Lure

The Detroit Bass Caller Lure was first introduced in 1939. Made by the Detroit Bait company out of Detroit Michigan kind of looks like an airplane at first glance. This antique wooden lure measure 3 1/2″ inches in length. The lure has a scooped popper type mouth with the front line tie attached to the center. Besides the inserted painted metal rear wings added to the lure, it has a notched out rectangle just aft of the top of the lip adding to its uniqueness. The antique lure has two treble hooks to secure its prey when caught.

The Detroit Bass Caller was available in quite a few wonderfully colored paint patterns. The lure was housed in a black and white striped box stating “Its a Honey of a Lure”, and had a price tag of $1.00 each.

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