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Heddon Ice Decoy Antique Lure

Heddon Ice Decoy Antique Lure

This version of the Heddon Ice Decoy Antique Lure is distinguished by its 4 point fin shape. Not all antique lures are technically lures, but they are all attractants of some type. This wooden 4 point Heddon Decoy was given a series model 400. This Ice fishing decoy would be around circa 1923. The lure or decoy measures 4 3/8″ in length. The lure has two sections of 90 degree pointed fins attached to its body. The decoy lure also employs the use of a metal tail fin that is braced into the rear tail section. The Heddon Decoy used the inch worm style of line tie on top so that you could attach at different points to affect the hang or the angle of suspension. The Heddon Ice decoy can be found in a host of standard cataloged colors to some that are definable or considered special order. The decoy uses multiple belly weights to help sink and maintain its centered buoyancy.

This would be the final wooden version or body and wing style of the Heddon Decoy before it tried its hand at making a plastic or Ice Spook. The Spook version would make the same impact on the fishing industry and or history. Many of the spook decoys found today have the typical shrinkage and plastic decomposition we see in the first version of Heddon Spooks.  The Heddon Ice Decoy Antique Lure below in the gallery is […]

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