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Pflueger Flying Helgramite Vs Chapman Buel

Pflueger Flying Helgramite Vs Chapman Buel

This great little ad discusses the Pflueger Flying Helgramite Vs Chapman Buel. This comes to us from 1884, 137 years ago. Early advertising for lures mentioned in here such as the Crystal Minnow, and the Flying Helgramite are hard to come by so enjoy.

Pflueger Flying Helramite Vs Chapman Buel

To Anglers: The fishing tackle dealers supply you with a lot of things to delude the speckled beauties or the lively pickerel etc., but now an then, in certain kinds of water and weather, they fail to stir a fish. A new and enticing bait has been discovered: by The Enterprise Manufacturing Company, of Akron Ohio. It has been used to great purpose by a leading lawyer of that has been rusticating in the neighboring Dominion. His letter reads as follows:

Picton. Canada August 19th  Friend Pflueger, For the first time I today gave your Flying Helgramite a trial, and I gave it a thorough one. I went fishing with the Judge of this county, Judge Gillet and we had royal sport. My first capture was a seven pound black bass; afterwards we took in many between two and five pounds. My catch was pronounced by sports here unequaled. No one had ever seen a bass that size taken here. It was caught with your Flying Helgramite which I regard as a killing bait. I used it against a Buel and a Chapman Spoon and I Came out on top. Judge Gillet […]

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Pflueger Antique Fly Lure 1888

Pflueger Antique Fly Lure 1888

This Pflueger Antique Fly Lure 1888 ad is one of those that I found off the beaten path. Recording media has been done since the beginning of time, its just the mode, methods and the medium for transmission have change. I found this great old Pflueger Antique Fly Fishing lure ad in a magazine about old phonographs. The Phonograph itself was only invented just 9 years earlier in 1877. So while we always think to look in hunting and fishing themed media, this one shows us we can learn things about our hobby sometimes in strange places.

The ad, like many early Pflueger ads is sticking with the tradition of highlighting Pflueger’s luminous fishing lure qualities. Besides touting the Luminous fly qualities, the ad touts that it and Pflueger are endorsed by President Cleveland, who was know to have been quite a fisherman. I see quite a few early 1800’s antique lure ads that involve marketing Mr. and Mrs Cleveland and their sporting prowess.

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Pflueger Antique Fly Lure [...]
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