Heddon Tiny Teaz Fly Lure

Heddon Tiny Teaz Fly Lure

The Heddon Tiny Teaz Fly Lure was first introduced in 1930. This pint sized Heddon lure, made in Dowagiac Michigan was very short lived. While introduced in 1930 this lure would disappear into obscurity by 1934 and not even make the lure line up catalog that year. This tiny little trout, bass, and other small game fish minnow was made of wood, measuring 1 3/4″ in length. This antique lure was assigned a model 80 if your lucky enough to find a matching box.

The lure has small painted eyes, a single tiny line tie at the front of the lure inset into the slightly concave mouth. You wont have to worry about throwing your back out carrying around this guy to fish with as he weighs in at just around 1/10th of an ounce. The lure would certainly float when not being drawn through the water. The catalog states “A lively little lure of many uses. Primarily designed as a fly-rod lure for large Trout, it is also very effective for Bass and pan fish. Floats and dives when retrieved with excellent action. One double hook so placed to insure hooking.”

As far as color schemes go, you can find the Heddon Tiny Teaz Fly Fishing Lure in a half dozen color finishes.

01 – Rainbow
02 – Red & White
BK – Brook Trout
N – Dace
P – Shiner Scale (Shown Below)
R – Natural Scale

Heddon Tiny Teaz Lure Photo Gallery

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Moonlight Pikaroon Antique Lure

Moonlight Pikaroon Antique Lure

The Moonlight Pikaroon Antique Lure is probably the most synonymous with the Moonlight Bait Company of Paw Paw, Michigan. Although it should be the Floating Bait line, the Pikaroon with its sleek sexy looks and curves, woos most collectors its way. The Pikaroon wasn’t originally a Moonlight Bait like the Floater, it was a Silver Creek Lure akin to the Polly-Wog. The standard series line as shown in the gallery below is a series 1000. This wooden, glass eyed beauty measures in at roughly 4 – 4 1/4″ in length.

The lure has it’s telltale pointed nose, and its triangular shaped head which is the widest point of the body of the lure. The Pikaroon then tapers backwards towards the aft of the lure to a width that seemingly is just wide enough to hook the rear hook. The Pikaroon Antique Fishing Lure, the model 1000 has only 2T, or trebles to secure its catch. Both being held into the wooden lure via a simple screw eye rigging. The lure is most often found with it pointed upwards glass eye, but during the transition to the Paw Paw Bait Company in 1928 you will be able to locate some painted eye versions.

Moonlight Pikaroon Lure Catalog Cut Moonlight Pikaroon Lure Catalog Cut

Pikaroon Minnow

No. 1000

There’s only one Pikaroon – it’s something more than a mere manufactured product – it’s a fish getter. We say so, because every season scores of anglers take their time to write us of the wonderful catches – under all kinds of fishing conditions.

The Pikaroon, like the jointed Pikaroon, has the shape and finish that fool the fish and is a sure getter of bass and other game fish.

1001 – Red Head Gold Body
1003 – Green Scale
1004 – White Red Head
1007 – Gold Scale
1008 – Blue Scale
1009 – Yellow Perch (Shown in the Gallery Below)

Moonlight Pikaroon Antique Lure

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Heddon Little Luny Frog Lure

Heddon Little Luny Frog Lure

The Heddon Little Luny Frog Lure is the smallest size in this collector favorite series. The lure a model 3400 was first introduced by Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan in 1927 and only lasted through 1931. The lure is made of a plastic, or pyralin substance and measures 3 3/4″ in length. The lures attempt using its life like shape is to reek havoc and solicit strikes from smaller size game fish in the bass family. The lure imitates a closed leg frog, from which a larger single hook trails from an eyelet or rivet in the the feet, and a double hook from it belly to secure its prey. The lure employs the use of the Toilet Seat Hardware rigging to hold the belly hook to the body. The lure has a single forward line tie which is stationed in the center of the face of the lure. Identifying this antique lure is pretty easy compared to most as its name is stenciled in black on its underside.

The Little Luny was only ever produced in two different colors a Green Frog and a Meadow Frog Finish.

Heddon Little Luny Frog Lure Photo Gallery

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Heddon Sonar Antique Lure

Heddon Sonar

The Heddon Sonar was first introduced in around 1959 by Heddon of Dowagiac, Michigan. The antique fishing lure came in a multitude of of colors ranging from basic primary colors to the flashy eye popping fluorescent, to mimicking that of a fish itself in the natural series. The Sonar was advertised in 3 different model sizes and corresponding model numbers the #435 at 2 1/2 inches in length, #433 at 2″, and #431 being the smallest. The Sonar fishing lure is an all metal lure and while was offered in different colors and size the hook configurations varied as well. The antique lure had 3 line tie holes allowing the fisherman to select its running depth by using the corresponding spot.

While Sonars may not bring or command much as far in the way of monetary value, that in itself is what gives them their spot at the lure collecting table. To be able to build a collection of similar items that are 60 years in age and covering a myriad colors. Best of all collecting the Heddon Sonar fishing lure will not break the bank.

Heddon Sonar Antique Lure Salesman Sample

Sonar Fishing Lure Photo Gallery


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