Heddon Tiny Teaz Fly Lure

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Heddon Tiny Teaz Fly Lure The Heddon Tiny Teaz Fly Lure was first introduced in 1930. This pint sized Heddon lure, made in Dowagiac Michigan was very short lived. While introduced in 1930 this lure would disappear into obscurity by 1934 and not even make the lure line up catalog that year. This tiny little [...]

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Moonlight Pikaroon Antique Lure

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Moonlight Pikaroon Antique Lure The Moonlight Pikaroon Antique Lure is probably the most synonymous with the Moonlight Bait Company of Paw Paw, Michigan. Although it should be the Floating Bait line, the Pikaroon with its sleek sexy looks and curves, woos most collectors its way. The Pikaroon wasn't originally a Moonlight Bait like the Floater, it [...]

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Heddon Little Luny Frog Lure

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Heddon Little Luny Frog Lure The Heddon Little Luny Frog Lure is the smallest size in this collector favorite series. The lure a model 3400 was first introduced by Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan in 1927 and only lasted through 1931. The lure is made of a plastic, or pyralin substance and measures 3 3/4" in [...]

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Heddon Sonar Antique Lure

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Heddon Sonar The Heddon Sonar was first introduced in around 1959 by Heddon of Dowagiac, Michigan. The antique fishing lure came in a multitude of of colors ranging from basic primary colors to the flashy eye popping fluorescent, to mimicking that of a fish itself in the natural series. The Sonar was advertised in 3 [...]

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