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Heddon Dowagiac Underwater Lure 1902 Ad

Heddon Dowagiac Underwater Lure 1902 Ad

This Heddon Dowagiac Underwater Lure 1902 Ad is one of the earliest lure articles and ads I’ve seen or have run across for Heddon and their antique fishing lures. You just wont find many items in 1902, the same year the Dowagiac Underwater Casting lure and the Dowagiac Expert lures were said to have been made.

Heddon Dowagiac Underwater Lure 1902 Ad

“Dowagiac” Casting Baits

    James Heddon & Sons, Dowagiac Michigan are placing on the market “Dowagiac” Casting Baits, Illustrated. These baits are all hand made.

    The “Dowagiac Expert” bait is made for surface casting for bass etc., and is largely used in warmer waters in the southern parts of the Northern States, and also in the South, The “Dowagiac Underwater” bait is intended for use in deep waters and where the temperature is lower in shallow waters, as will be found in the Northerly parts of states bordering Canada and the lakes. All the baits which are of wood are finished with three preparatory coats and then with three coats of hard enamel which will not crack or rub off and then necessitate frequent painting. The surface is a glistening white that creates a reflection of light which makes it attractive and enables fish to see it a long distance. The sockets or inserts into which the hooks are fastened keep them always outward and presented to the fish. All hooks are […]

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