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South Bend Crippled Minnow Lure

South Bend Crippled Minnow Lure

The South Bend Crippled Minnow Lure was first made in 1929 and was only made a few years and was gone around 1933. The lure was fashioned after the success of other lure makers such as Heddon and Creek Chub with their injured minnow and SOS lure products. This South Bend Crippled Minnow antique fishing lure is a series number 965, and measures 3 1/4″ in length and was 5/8 oz. The antique lure as with many South Bend shares a model number, the 965 is shared with the Midget Lunge Oreno Lure. The lure shown is in a beautiful rainbow color pattern with blue eye shadow and is a solid excellent or E+ condition. This antique wooden minnow has flawless glass eyes as shown. The lure has forward and rear marked props and the lure is designed to swim on its side replicating a fish in distress and has both a mid and rear hanging treble hook. 

The South Bend Bait Company 1929 Catalog States; “The Crippled Minnow will drive any drowsy or up and at em game fish minnow to action. There’s something about the way it acts that brings on that mad rush then they strike. Is it because it appears to be injured or crippled, with most of its strength spent or is it because, lying on its side with just a little lifelike motion, it makes the big ones mad. […]

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