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Creek Chub Wiggler Antique Lure

Creek Chub Wiggler Antique Lure

While it may have taken years to refine the Creek Chub Wiggler Antique Lure was the first lure ever commercially produced by the Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett, Indiana. The year, 1916, the World was in the in the middle of what it termed as the “Great War” or WWI. While its grasp was felt around the globe it wasn’t strong enough to quell the formation of what would become one of the largest and most significant fishing lure companies to date.

The Wiggler would grow into one of Creek Chubs most celebrated lures and would make what was a almost half a century appearance in it lure line up. This wooden antique fishing lure was given a model series number 100. Although there are slight differences the lure would measure roughly 3 1/2″ in length and weigh in at 3/4 oz.

With the lure being the first produced it is no surprise that we will see quite an evolution to the lure as improvements and changes were made to it and other Creek Chub lures. You can find the lure in its earliest stages with a washer rigged hook hardware. It would then develop into a few different Cup styles to hold its 2T, or trebles.

With more changes then to the physical hook hardware the lip would evolve going from a Plain lip in 1916, to one having its named stamped on the lip in 1918. The lip would then be produced in what turned out to be its most widely known lip with the name and patent date in 1921. It would see its final evolution into the improved lip in 1936.

The Wiggler can be found with both No Eye, and Glass Eye variants. The lures shape can also help date the lure with the Sloping or Flat head lures being the earliest and the rounded head coming soon after. The line tie will also change from having 2 or the double line tie version and in the mid 1930’s be usurped by the single line tie.

The Creek Chub Wiggler lure can be found in over a dozen standard colors as well as special order finishes.

Creek Chub Wiggler Antique Lure Catalog Page Creek Chub Wiggler Antique Lure Catalog Page

The Creek Chub Wiggler

No. 100 Series

The Creek Chub has always been considered the king of live baits. Fisherman go miles to get them, Is it not natural to conclude that the Creek Chub Wiggler, so near in appearance and movement to the Creek Chub Minnow, will catch more fish day for day and place for place than just a plug? It has been proven that this is a fact, and we know you will come to the same conclusion after trying out the Creek Chub Wiggler. The removable, reversible wiggler in this bait succeeds the spinner. It’s a […]

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