Comstock Flying Helgramite Lure

Comstock Flying Helgramite Lure

The Comstock Flying Helgramite Lure was made by Harry Comstock, Fulton, New York. Circa 1883. This is considered one of if not the first glass eyed antique fishing lures produced. The inventor Harry Comstock was not only a lure maker but at the time a noted gun enthusiast, salesman, inventor and designer and world traveler from Fulton Ny.

The Comstock flying Hellgramite embodies not only the future or what the artificial minnow or lure would evolve from, but also has ties and roots in a common insect that was used in Fly Fishing. Matching the hatch is a term used in Fly Fish where one analyzes his or her surroundings and the entomology available (Bugs) and tries to match nature with fly. The Dobson fly in its Larvae stages is called a Hellgrammite, and is a water dwelling insect which ferociously fees on its predators.

However, what I find interesting is that the lure itself resembles the Dobsonfly an not namesake. Also noted for its nocturnal feeding habits, the Dobsonfly had 2″ wings which folded down its back. Interesting enough by themselves, Harry’s eccentricity, combined with his travels to China as a gun salesman, his noted efforts as a inventor of guns, and yet we only ever would see this one fishing lure come from this worldly thinker.

The Enterprise Manufacturing Co., Pflueger, would eventually take over this fishing lure from 1883-85 still calling it the Flying Hellgramite, while […]

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Pflueger Wooden Minnows Article 1918

Pflueger Wooden Minnows Article

This Pflueger Wooden Minnows Article was printed in 1918. The article proclaims and lays out in detail the evolution of its lures asserting it was the first, or the industry leader in the artificial minnow production. It lays out a time line for the production of the Pflueger Crystal Minnow, The Comstock Flying Helgramite, and the Pflueger Trory Minnow Lures.


As there seems to be some action on at the present time on the part of sporting writers in showing up relics of the past in the fishing tackle line, especially as regards wooden minnows or plug baits, the Enterprise Mfg. Co. Akron Ohio, have for the convenience of such writers gotten out an illustrated circular, “The Origin and Evolution of the Wooden Minnow Business”.

    EA Pflueger, president of the company furnishes some interesting information concerning the origin and evolution of the Wooden Minnow. He says, “We made our first Plug bait in the year 1881 in the form of a hollow glass minnow mounted with single and treble books at the tail and spinner at the head. This was heavy enough to cast properly and the minnow being filled with a mirror substance, also our Luminous material made it very attractive and a good seller. Following the Glass Minnow we made other casting baits all of which could be termed plug baits in the following order Rubber Minnows, Phantom […]

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