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Heddon Luny Frog Lure

Heddon Luny Frog Lure

The Heddon Luny Frog Lure was introduced around 1927. This change in material would influence the way Heddon would do business for decades to come. Making a switch from the standard wooden material, Heddon would evolve into a colossal giant making artificial baits with plastics. It widely known that the original attempts and the product selected were a failure, however it would take less than a half dozen years for the bait company located in Dowagiac Michigan to find a viable solution.

The Luny Frog Lure has always been a collector favorite. While the lore of the Heddon Wood Frog still evolves and changes from each person you can speak to, for some reason it would take Heddon almost an astonishing 25 years to try to present a more life like specimen than the frogs to which are credited with the inception of the company.

The Lure Frog Lure was given a model series 3500, and as I noted first made its appearance around 1927. The larges of the series it measures 4 1/4″ in length and tips the scale at 7/8 of an ounce. The lure had molded painted eyes, a double front hook attached with the toilet seat rig, and in this example a single hook coming out its closed feet.

The Luny was available in a Meadow Frog and a Green Meadow Frog finish. Later Red and White would be added to the color selection. The […]

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Louis Rhead Gamy Black Bass

Louis Rhead Gamy Black Bass

The illustration by Louis Rhead Gamy Black Bass was part of a feature from the Brooklyn daily Feature on June 21, 1908. The Title of Gamy Black Bass How it is Caught with Bait and Fly, How and Where uses Rhead’s masterful use of illustrations to give the reader a visual of the different stages in the process.

From Left to right they are:

A lively Chase, showing the fisherman wade through waist high waters to peruse the black bass on his line.

Bait Trolling at the Thousand Islands, Showing a ores-man Paddling through the river while his passenger troll off to the right side.

Fast to a Big One, We see the Fisherman catch in one hand, landing net in the other ready to land his catch.

One that Got away, Depicting the moment the line breaks in mid fight.

Fly Fishing at Belgrade Maine, Depicting a Fisherman Fly fishing out of the front of the Canoe.

The last being the One that was Caught, Showing a Fisherman tucking away his catch into his creel.

Louis Rhead Gamy Black Bass

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Winnie Stump Dodger Lure

Winnie Stump Dodger Lure

The Winnie Stump Dodger Lure was born in Traverse City, Michigan. Albert Winnie received his patent for the Stump Dodger Lure in 1915. While the patent dates to 1915 his lures were being created earlier. It is no surprise that Traverse City would be home to a great lure maker. The city is situated on two separate arms or Bays of the Great Lake Michigan. The East Arm and West Arm of Grand Traverse bay are right at the front door of Alert (Bert) Winnie. While most notably known for its 360 Million pounds of Cherrys the area produces each year, we lure collectors are thankful for Bert’s Contributions to our hobby.

This wooden antique fishing lure, the Michigan Stump Dodger has a larger more bulb type head and tapers down until it reaches its tail. The head and front of the lure are where the Stump Dodger and it’s unique double diving lipped lure gain its personality. Affixed to the top diving lip is its single forward line tie. Inset into the head of the lure are it’s tell tale unique tack and brass washer eyes, however the lure can also be found with no eyes. The lure itself uses two simple screw eyes to hold its two treble hooks.

Winnie Stump Dodger Lure Patent Gallery

The Stump Dodger came in at least 3 different sizes, the lure highlighted here is the standard […]

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Sam the Black Bass Man Part I Sunday Sounds

Sam Sam the Black Bass Man Part I

In introducing Sam the Black Bass Man, I must digress back a bit, and say thanks for all the views , likes comments, emails and texts I’ve received. The last 12 Months with Fin and Flame has been fun. I have even bigger expectations and plans for the next year. Your continued support and acknowledgement, is your enjoyment, and that is enough to keep me digging up more. I know I’ve been remiss in doing the Sunday Sounds, or the Friday Fly Fishing Features to which I need to return to a regular basis. I did them early on with the blog and with a smaller audience and have since gotten side tracked. I think of this issue as my adult ADHD, as I’m easily sidetracked down new paths when antiques collide with fishing; My wife calls it hoarding.

I’m an avid fishing lure collector and overall fishing and general history lover. I have a fascination with history, antiques, and it’s an added bonus when anything can tie the two together. I must confess, my appreciation and capacity for having a vivid imagination with these items to which I view, study or collect, is way larger than my memory or knowledge of any one single piece of it. I’m great at remembering a few tidbits about a lot of little things, rather than being a true expert at one.  So, As I introduce Sam any information that you may […]

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Pflueger Antique Lure 1893 Sportsman Directory

Pflueger Antique Lure 1893 Sportsman Directory

In this Pflueger Antique Lure 1893 Sportsman Directory advertisement we see the Enterprise Manufacturing Company, Pflueger advertise its luminous lures. The Enterprise Manufacturing Co., out of Akron, Ohio had just a year earlier come out with the Success Spinner. The advertisement recants an anglers success and experiences with one of Pflueger’s luminous soft rubber frogs.

Pflueger Antique Lure 1893 Sportsman Directory

Read and be convinced what Pfluegers Luminous Baits can do.

W.F. De Wolf, 7011 Monroe St., Englewood, Chicag, writes;

“I must tell you of my great “fish catch” with one of “Pflueger’s Luminous Frogs.” I caught 40 Black Bass in two mornings and one evening fishing. The largest weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz., measured 22 in. in length, a 14 in. girth, with mouth 4 in. across (when open). Several of the weighed 5 and 5 1/2 lbs. each, quite a number 3 1/2, 4 and 4 1/2, and a great many 2 to 3 lbs.

“The little town where this catch was made, and all it’s fishermen were wild when they saw the string of fish. I had them, myself and boatman photographed. The 7 ponder tired my boatman and myself so that we sat and looked at each other for a moment or two after landing him, neither having a word to say. The sight of such a monster lying on the bottom of the boat, and the thought […]

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John Mann Tandem Improved Trolling Spoon

John Mann Tandem Improved Trolling Spoon

The John Mann Tandem Improved Trolling Spoon is an early Pre 1900’s or 19th Century fishing Lure. The John H Mann Company of Syracuse NY is one of the most successful grocery, sundries, dry good and fishing tackle store central New York would ever have. Most don’t know Mr. Mann actually sold guns and revolvers out of his store. I will do a whole page on Mann so I don’t want to speak of all the his wonderful accomplishments both from a Small Business or to a 1800’s fishing tackle manufacture. I first brought up John Henry Mann on the Pocket Watch Page. Needless to say the Bastable Block Landscape in Syracuse New York would house on iconic business run by a great inventor and  community leader.

The lure shown was first produced in roughly 1870, and would be granted a patent for the lure on 1871. The version shown below in the gallery is a large size post patent lure as noted by the stamping of the Patent Date on the lure. The two large tear drop shaped trolling spoons were meant to land a large Northern or Large Wall Eye fish.  Fashioned in between the spoons is Mann’s patented use of the glass bead or washer. These large spoons are followed by an equally impressive set of tell tale Mann Hooks. For the better part of most all John H Mann lures you will […]

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Pflueger Flying Helgramite Vs Chapman Buel

Pflueger Flying Helgramite Vs Chapman Buel

This great little ad discusses the Pflueger Flying Helgramite Vs Chapman Buel. This comes to us from 1884, 137 years ago. Early advertising for lures mentioned in here such as the Crystal Minnow, and the Flying Helgramite are hard to come by so enjoy.

Pflueger Flying Helramite Vs Chapman Buel

To Anglers: The fishing tackle dealers supply you with a lot of things to delude the speckled beauties or the lively pickerel etc., but now an then, in certain kinds of water and weather, they fail to stir a fish. A new and enticing bait has been discovered: by The Enterprise Manufacturing Company, of Akron Ohio. It has been used to great purpose by a leading lawyer of that has been rusticating in the neighboring Dominion. His letter reads as follows:

Picton. Canada August 19th  Friend Pflueger, For the first time I today gave your Flying Helgramite a trial, and I gave it a thorough one. I went fishing with the Judge of this county, Judge Gillet and we had royal sport. My first capture was a seven pound black bass; afterwards we took in many between two and five pounds. My catch was pronounced by sports here unequaled. No one had ever seen a bass that size taken here. It was caught with your Flying Helgramite which I regard as a killing bait. I used it against a Buel and a Chapman Spoon and I Came out on top. Judge Gillet […]

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