South Bend BeBop Lure

South Bend BeBop

The South Bend BeBop is a wooden pressed eye antique lure. The lure is a series 902 and is a color RYT, red yellow tail and has pressed eyes and surface rigging. The lure is the smaller of the series at 3 3/8″ in length and there is a larger a series 903. The BeBop lure has a single forward line tie and was fished on the top of the water, both fresh and salt. The lure was first introduced in 1950 and was out of production just a short 2 years later in 1952. The lure is very similar to the wooden Heddon Zaragossa.

South Bend BeBop Gallery

1950 South Bend Lure Catalog States: “Twitch the rod tip constantly during the retrieve and the BeBop will make a herringbone pattern on the surface of the water. Pop it on occasion for variety, work in under the surface with a steady retrieve and dart it side to side at the same time. You’ll find its a Killer!”.

While the lure was only made for a short two years it can be found in the following colors:

F Frog
FF Dark Frog Yellow Belly
MS(2) Blue Mullet Scale
O Orange Body, Red and Black Spots
RW Red Arrowhead White Body
RYT Red Arrowhead Yellow Boday Black Stripes
SFS Scale Finish Green with Silver Speckles
SSY Silver Speckled Yellow Body with Black Shadow […]

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