Shakespeare Bait Company Baseball Team

Shakespeare Bait Company Baseball Team

Many people are not aware of a Shakespeare Bait Company Baseball Team and a Antique Fishing Lure company relationship. Well its true, there is a tie in between Americas Favorite Past Times, Baseball and Fishing. Many years ago in doing my research for the Old Fishing Lure website I came across a Shakespeare Lure and Reel Company Sponsored a baseball team. There isn’t much information out there about for how long and it’s minor or major league affiliations, other than it was a sponsored team. Most people that know me know I love the weird things that go along with my collections as much as the lures themselves. While those items that come with a story elevate my interest and its place in my collection. One of the items I’ve enjoyed the most about this is 15 years ago I just happened upon this, a Shakespeare Honor Built Baseball Bat.

A recent visitor to the site stopped by and shared this awesome Shakespeare Team Baseball with me, so I thought I would add to the post and re-share the story. 

Shakespeare Baseball Shakespeare Baseball

Shakespeare Bait Company Baseball Bat

Shakespeare Bait Company Baseball Team

 Cleveland Indians Worl Series Champs 1920

Cleveland Indians 1920 Cleveland Indians 1920

What else you may ask do […]

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Hi Yo Lure in Box with Papers

Hi Yo Lure

The Hi Yo lure is a lure that give a fisherman or collectors great pause. Stopping for a minute to think what in heavens were they thinking.

The antique lure is Circa 1947, this was a time when we see a increase or influx of fisherman in the US. The years following the great second war saw the American war machine shift from machines focused on death to machines focused on the betterment or enjoyment of life.

The next decade would give rise to the great generation of baby boomers, and one of the greatest housing booms we would ever see, with a nation riding high on its wartime success.  It breathed back to life the iconic and rival for the greatest american past time Baseball from its smaller war torn numbers. 1947 would again match up 2 teams that every kids dreams of, the Brooklyn Dodger against the New York Yankees.

While most importantly for baseball, and our country, it was the first time we as a nation saw a African American on a world series diamond, with the great Jackie Robinson. Jackie once said “I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me… All I ask is that you respect me as a human being.”  And I think as I write this almost 60 years later, if we could yet again bring forth and live those famous words we could make this a better place for all. Ill get off my soap box, […]

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