Pflueger Propeller Antique Lure

Pflueger Propeller Antique Lure

The Pflueger Propeller Antique Lure is great piece of 19th Century metal. This antique lure was first made made by the Enterprise Manufacturing Company of Akron Ohio around 1886. There were two different versions available in the catalog. The “Propeller” was given a model 691, and was the non-luminous version, and the “Champion” was given a model series number 690, and was the Luminous version of the antique spinner lure. The lure would last less than a decade in the Pflueger lure catalog line up and would be gone by around 1895. While the lure itself would cease to be produced, one cant hep but wonder if it had a hand in inspiring the “New Akron Spoon”, of the “Tandem Spinner” that followed directly after.

The “Propeller” metal antique lure is built upon a simple wire shaft comprised of an assembly of intricate pieces. The antique lure at it’s base has a series of three metal balls faceted on a hollow tube and topped by a crimson red glass bead. The second or abdomen section is again a hollow tube which has faceted to it, a flat roughly 1/2″ wide ribbon type prop which rounded tips curl at the end, with another round ball faceted above. At the peak or crown is yet another metal propeller, fashioned into the shape of petals or 8 separate blades. The lure has a simple box swivel to attach ones line to, and a single feathered […]

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