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Messinger Fly Bucktail Hair Frog

Messinger Fly Bucktail Hair Frog Collection

We have a historic Messinger Fly Bucktail Hair Frog Collection in on Consignment, and available for sale over the next couple weeks. Over 40 Messinger Frog’s, no 2 exactly the same a life collection of a fellow NFLCC club member. We’ve been given an opportunity to not only help sell it, but to photograph it, and share the story and works of a legendary fly tier. I will add to this original post over the next few weeks and re-post as the items are photographed, roughly once a week so by the end the collection will be view-able on this one page.

Messinger is said to have begun tying Flies as early as 1910. Jim Dean Writes “He certainly had no inkling that his passionate love of fly fishing and deer hair frogs he’d been tying since 1910 would soon lead him to his life’s work.Nor would he have guessed his innovative bugs would influence the style of every deer hair frog pattern that followed”

Joe Messinger Jr tells us in a American Angler article

…”When my dad returned home to West Virginia from the US Army after World War I, he began working on a artificial Deer Hair Frog. He originated the technique he used to tie the frog and it resulted in a very effective imitation of the real thing. Although the lure became popular with anglers through out this country and beyond, the technique that he created for tying the frog and other deer hair patterns to follow, remained a mystery to most tyers. Even those who have carefully dissected the lure in attempts to discover my fathers tying technique have been frustrated in trier efforts.”

…”The method developed by my dad to tie the body is unique and is nothing like the more common hair spinning or stacking methods you may be familiar with. Spinning hair onto a hook allows radial color separation but does not permit lateral separation, while stacking allows lateral color separation.

…”My fathers technique allows lateral as well as radial color separation and produces a fly with exceptional durability”

Messinger Meadow Frog Fly Bucktail Hair Frog Photo Gallery

Messinger Bucktail Popper Frog Fly

Messinger Fly Collection Gallery

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South Bend Plug Oreno Antique Lure

South Bend Plug Oreno Antique Lure

The South Bend Plug Oreno Antique Lure was first brought to market in 1932. This wooden antique fishing lure produced by the South Bend Bait Company in South Bend Indiana was given a model number 959. This fly eater was in production for 12 years and was removed from the line up in 1942.

This wooden, glass eyed vintage fishing lure is a collector favorite with its clownish smiling face. The Plug Oreno lure can be found in both Glass Eye and Tack Eye variations. The lure measures 2″ in length and weighs in at 5/8oz. The lure itself having two large single hooks and 2 large wire antenna to help it through the weeds.

The 1930 Catalog states:

“A surface Lure that will come through all the weeds with a slight wobbling action. Weed guards so arranged that all hook are protected from logs, snags and any vegetation. Effectivley used with Wiggle Tail Pork Rind, which can be conveniently attached.”

Standard Catalog Colors are:
B – Black with Red Around the Eyes
F – Frog (Shown in Gallery)
FS – Frog Splotch
RH – Red Head White Body
Y – Yellow with Red & Green Spots

South Bend Plug Oreno Antique Lure Photo Gallery

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FC Woods Expert Lure Ad Shields 1907

FC Woods Expert Lure Ad Shields 1907

This ad is a FC Woods Expert Lure Ad Shields 1907. The Shields magazine had the same editor as the previous decade Recreation magazine and has provided more then a few great ads of antique fishing lures and tackle. The ad highlights their new type 2 detachable hooks that were available on the Woods Expert antique lure.


“The Best is None Too Good for a Fisherman”

Note our new patent detachable DOUBLE hook. Prevents all fouling or tangling. Every cast a perfect one. Hooks cannot scratch the body of minnow. You should sec this new hook as it is the only REAL improvement that has been made in wooden minnows for years. Send for catalog or better still send 75C for sample minnow. Money back if not satisfied


FC Woods Expert Lure Ad Shields 1907 FC Woods Expert Lure Ad Shields 1907

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New Winner Wood Minnow Lure

New Winner Wood Minnow

The New Winner Wood Minnow was a product offered by Sears Roebuck and Company. This beautiful example is housed in a standard wood box with a railed or channeled slide type. Through out the fishing industry we see once again wholesalers, and jobbers, taking the product of another manufacturer and either adding their own touch or just repackaging the initial product. Big trade houses, Sears, Montgomery Ward, HSBC and others were locked into the century long “department store wars” each trying to offer everything under the sun a consumer could want at the lowest possible price. This would allow a consumer a one stop shop from everything from baseball gear to clothes and household items. Try looking through a catalog from 1915 vs 2015 for a comparison. The fishing lure companies at the time would benefit by increased volume sales and recognition, but at a cost to move volume usually at a lower margin. Selling to jobber companies was not about what was best for the consumer, it was what was the cheapest, sounds like Walmart of today.

This version or New Winner was Shakespeare Bait Company. The antique fishing lure housed inside this slide top wooden box is a Rhodes or Shakespeare 33 underwater minnow lure. The antique lure has 3 treble hooks, 2 of which are attached to the lure with Shakespeare’s flat plate hardware and unmarked front and rear props. This wooden antique lure with glass eyes is green fancy back in color, and the condition speaks for itself. The box is unmarked on the end caps so we cant see a designation for the lure accompanying it. There are various versions of this box some which have a paper label and a model number on the top and later a cardboard box.

New Winner Wooden Minnow

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