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South Bend Tease Oreno Lure

South Bend Tease Oreno Lure

The South Bend Tease Oreno Lure was first introduced in 1929. The antique lure lasted over a dozen years in the South Bend of Indiana’s lure line up. The fishing lure was a series 940 and lasted long enough to go through a few modifications. The Tease Oreno measured in at just over 4″ in length. It had both glass and tack eyes over its product lifespan. The lure came with two traditional treble hooks the middle secured by the standard issue painted cup rigging. The lure had a crescent moon type shape with the front end having a metal flasher plate fashioned over the top and bottom portions of the lure extending roughly an inch in. The is also where the front line tie is affixed. The lure was made in a host of colors over its time span.

F Frog
FS Frog Splotch
LUM Luminous
MS(1) Minnow Scale Silver Black and Red
PL Pearl
Rain Rainbow
RB Rainbow Blue Back
RH Red Head White Body
SF Scale Finish
SRF Red Arrow Head
SSS White Body Silver Flitter Red Shadow Wave Stripe
SSY Silver Speckled Yellow Body
YP Yellow Perch

South Bend Tease Oreno Lure Photo Gallery

From the 1931 South Bend Antique Lure Catalog it states: ” It Gets em and How. With a crawling wiggling lifelike motion on the surface-an action never before attained in a surface […]

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