Pflueger Antique Lure Sign Ad

Pflueger Antique Lure Sign Ad

This Pflueger Antique Lure Sign Ad window sign was published in a 1905 Vol. 23 of “The Hardware Magazine”. The ad specifies how dealers in Pflueger’s Fishing Tackle can get one.

I will take a dozen please.

Finding Point of Sale or store displays for the Antique Lures, Reels and Tackle we love is a double edged sword. As I have written before in the article South Bend Counter Display, making yourself aware of fakes and counterfeits can save many dollars, heart break, and even misunderstanding for current or future antique lure collectors.  Its hard not to go to a flea market or antique store today and not run into newly made, made to look old, porcelain or tin signs. I’m as guilty as the next person for wanting to adorn the walls of my man den or tackle room with antique fishing like type items. I’m not one to tell anyone what to do; however, maybe take a minute the next time you go to buy one of these things and think about an alternative option for antique lure room decoration. This isnt the late 90’s anymore and prices have come back down to earth for many antique lure and tackle related items. Just take for instance the common rod or reel or even bamboo rods with condition issues. Youl can pick the things up for a few dollar a piece and incorporate this into […]

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