Shakespeare 43 Underwater Minnow Lure

Shakespeare 43 Underwater Minnow Lure

The Shakespeare 43 Underwater Minnow Lure is one of my favorite Shakespeare antique lures. This lure is very similar to the Heddon 175 Heavy Casting Minnow lure. The lure is a 3T or 3 Hook underwater minnow made of wood with glass eyes to props both fore and aft. This lure has a single centered belly weight to get down deeper than a surface minnow lure.

The Lure dates way back to 1909 and like the 175, is just like the Shakespeare 44, only with 3 hooks. The 43 however being harder to find if comparing the two manufacturers Heddon and Shakespeare. The lure shown below in the Gallery is a beauty, it’s in the Shakespeare Rainbow¬†color¬†finish, B notched props, flat plate hook hardware. The antique lure adorn with 3 giant sweeping hand painted gill marks. This antique lure is certainly worthy of any antique fishing lure collection.

Shakespeare 43 Lure Gallery

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