Storm Glop Antique Fishing Lure

///Storm Glop Antique Fishing Lure

Storm Glop Antique Fishing Lure

Storm Glop

The Storm Glop lure falls into a saying or category among antique fishing lure collectors that you can and will often hear. “Its more valuable because it didn’t catch fish.” Although that makes little sense from a pragmatic point of view, it makes sense if you apply a little logic. If it didn’t catch fish, it didn’t sell, therefore it gets a automatic small boost in the rarity column when applying the adage of what makes up an antique lure value. Antique fishing lure value is and has always been based on condition, color, rarity, collect-ability, and back again to condition. I know I said condition twice, and for a reason, to emphasis its importance.

At a time when Oklahoma City was experiencing its own history, being a site selected to test the affects of intercontinental sonic booms and the affect on a large city scale.  Born in a garage in 1964 in Norman Oklahoma, 2 brothers Bill and Gary Storm were hoping to have they’re own Boom on the US fishing lure industry. The 2 Storm brothers, and later to be joined by a 3rd, came up with a lure they deemed excitably different. Just looking at the storm glop you can see they accomplished at least that goal. Resembling a ghost or ghoul, one can see why they nicknamed it the meanest little lure. The Glop lure acted like a top water bait floating or sitting vertically on the water, however upon retrieval the lure would submerged and mimic that of a fish that the big ones couldn’t resist.

Storm Glop

The Storm Glop antique fishing lure was offered in over 6 different lure colors, through it short life and half as many buck tail options. While the storm glop fishing lure was short lived with bass fisher’s it place with antique lure collectors was unaffected by its lack of sales. With under 10 thousand units being sold in all, the company would come to be know more for its hits like the Storm Hot N Tot, Thin Fin, Warts, Shad, Thunder Stick and others to make its boom in the lure industry and antique lure collectors would enjoy the Glop more than the bass fisherman. In 1984 they had 13 different lures and 1 spinner in its line offering over 900 color combinations giving collectors and fisherman alike a reason to love Storm.

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