South Bend Underwater Minnow 905

///South Bend Underwater Minnow 905

South Bend Underwater Minnow 905

South Bend Underwater Minnow 905

The South Bend Underwater Minnow 905 series is Circa 1912. This 905 series wooden, glass eyed minnow lure was made for over 20 years. The lure was South Bends 5 Hook Underwater minnow lure was the companies industry standard 5 hook lure at the time. The lure had a front and a rear prop, standard South Bend cups and had both glass and tack eyes over its life span. The 905 featured a single belly weight centered underneath.

The antique lure was 3 3/4″ inches in length a typical length used by most of the other makers. The lure if the props are not marked can be differentiated by say from a Hedon 5 Hook by the forward right cup placement. On the South Bend the Right front cup will be offset forward, on a Heddon it will be the left cup that is offset forward.

The South Bend 905 Series Underwater Minnow Can be Found in the following finishes:

G(1) Gold, Red Head
GCB Green Crackle Back
R(1) Solid Red
R(3) Red with Black Nose
Rain Rainbow
RCBY Red Crackle Back, Yellow Body
RH Red Head White Body
RHW Red Head White Body
RHTW Red Head and Tail, White Body
RSF Scale Finish, Red Blend
SA Solid Aluminum
SCBY Sienna Crackle Back Yellow Body
SF Scale Finish. Green
SR(1) Red Body Dark Shaded Back (Shown Below)
SW White Boday Dark Shaded Back
W(1) Solid White
W(3) White with Spots
Y(2) Yellow with Spots
YP Yellow Perch (Shown in the Gallery)

South Bend Underwater Minnow 905 Lure Gallery


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