South Bend Two Oreno Lure

///South Bend Two Oreno Lure

South Bend Two Oreno Lure

South Bend Two Oreno Lure

The South Bend Two Oreno Lure was a series model number 975, and for some reason, shared a model number with a King Andy and a Pike Oreno, south bend had quite a few lures that shared numbers over time. That actually would explain the Two Oreno as its actually 2 Lures. The 1937 South Bend Antique Lure cataloged states; A Sensation for Bait Casters, two Lures in One. The Only Bait with Dual action. You can fish it from either end. Fishing from one end, it will go deep and has the actions of the well known Pike Oreno. Fishing with it from the other end it has the darting, diving action of the famous Bass Oreno, tried and true fish Getter of them all.

The antique lure was only made for 5 years and was gone by 1942, however it was made in a smaller size , the series 974, and was later made with Plastic the Two Obite. The lure was 3 3/4 inches in length, had a line tie on each and, the typical painted cups holding 2 treble hooks. The Two Oreno had painted tack eyes throughout its wooden history.

Some of the Standard Cataloged Colors Are:

F  Frog

LUM  Luminous

MS  Silver Black and Red, Minnow Scale

N  Dace

P  Pike Scale

PL  Lustreous Iridescent Pearl

RB  Rainbow

RW  Red Arrowhead White Body

SF  Scale Finish Green

W  White with Spots

WB  White Arrowhead Black Body

YP  Yellow Perch Scale Finish

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