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South Bend Fin Dingo Lure

South Bend Fin Dingo Lure

The South Bend Fin Dingo Lure was first introduced in 1952. The antique fishing lure was given model 1965 by the South Bend Bait Company. he lure was only made for one year under South Bends Roof. The Fin Dingo fishing lure was a round molded plastic lure which used two molded fins to keep the lure upright while being retrieved. The lure has a smaller single hook to secure its catch. The lure is shown in its unique shaped plastic tube type box with papers. The following are a list of the standard color scheme finishes:

FR Frog
GP Green Perch
RW Red and White
SG Spotted Gold Fish Scale
YE Yellow with black spots
YP Yellow Perch Scale

The 1952 South Bend Lure Catalog States: The Fin Dingo is the sensational, new Slow sinking plastic lure with internally molded fins which give it amazingly true to life swimming action during the retrieve

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