Smithwick Butterfly Fishing Lure

///Smithwick Butterfly Fishing Lure

Smithwick Butterfly Fishing Lure

Smithwick Butterfly Fishing Lure

The Smithwick Butterfly Fishing Lure was Jack Smithwick’s fist plastic Fishing Lure. This lure a series A900 and was introduced close to or during 1968. This Plastic, Fish Shaped fishing lure was first made with the tail section shown giving it a length of 2 7/8″. During production in Shreveport Lousiana the were some difficulutlies, and the tail section was soon left off and the new lure measured 2 1/2″ in length. Thus maing the tailed version harder to find then the non tail version.

This plastic molded slab lure had a molded diving lip and two treble hooks secured with a split ring. The lure has a single forward scew eye line tie attached to the nose of the lure. The Butterfly is stanciled on the back spine of the antique lure. The Smithwik Butterfly can be found in a host of colors in both the tail and no tail version making it a fun one to collect. The last two Digits in the A900, or the 00 with be replaced with the color code as with many fishing lure makers.

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