Siren Minnow Antique Lure

///Siren Minnow Antique Lure

Siren Minnow Antique Lure

Siren Minnow Antique Lure

The Siren Minnow Antique Lure dates to around 1947. This lure was made by the Siren Life Action Lure Company out of Los Angeles, California. The Siren Minnow lure itself measure 2 1/4″ inches in length and came in two different sizes. The lures were sold in tubes, kid of like the Steel Frog Lure. The lure uses a thin rubber band or ribbon that is stretched between the rear of the lure and the end of the bait to vibrate. This Siren lure has two double hooks attached to the lures via the wire framing that the ribbon attached to. The lure has a single forward line tie and has colored glass eyes. The Siren was available in a series of different colors. Needless to say, the rubber sail or ribbon didn’t age well, especially if left to the elements ,so you may find the lure but the ribbon is missing.

You’ll notice the example below doesn’t have any hooks, and the lure has a few patent numbers stamped on the sail or ribbon. A visitor to our other site provided a half dozen or so of these and the Baby or junior sized Siren lures a decade ago and I had always wondered if they just hadn’t been finished.

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