Shakespeare Sure Lure

///Shakespeare Sure Lure

Shakespeare Sure Lure

Shakespeare Sure Lure

The Shakespeare Sure Lure was one of the companies first and primary baits. The Sure lure was introduced in 1902. This antique fishing lure was comprised of a molded rubber composite. The antique lure made by the Shakespeare Bait Company from Kalamazoo, Michigan measures 2 3/4 in length. This antique fishing lure is said to be fished top water utilizing its designed weedless properties. The Sure Lure has a unique style and shaped front prop to keep its course while being retrieved.  The lure has a single treble hook following the painted rubber fishing device to secure it’s catch. The rubber didn’t wear gently or gracefully and succumb to father time making very brittle to handle. 

At 114 years old I could only hope to look half as good myself. The antique fishing lure is shown housed in its correct Shakespeare Black Picture Box. The box proclaims next to the lure photo “This Bait is Almost a Sure Thing for Bass, Pike, Pickerel and All Game Fish”.

The Shakespeare Baits That Catch Fish

The three distinct styles of baits shown in the following pages are each totally different from the others, yet when used with
judgment they are the most successful baits ever made.
With these baits it is safe to guarantee success in fishing where the angler follows the directions given.
The Shakespeare “Sure Lure” weedless bait is used in water where weeds are near
and on the surface. It is almost invariably successful when cast or trolled through
the rushes, lily ponds and weeds.
Sure Lure is absolutely weedless and is wonderfully attractive when drawn through
the water. Many a big fish which lies in hiding in the weeds and rushes can be
tempted from his lair by this bait. Every angler should have one of these
baits in his outfit

Shakespeare Sure Lure 1902 Catalog

Shakespeare Sure Lure Photo Gallery

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