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Shakespeare Evolution Lure

Shakespeare Evolution Lure

The Shakespeare Evolution Lure was one of Shakespeare’s earliest lures being first introduced in in 1902. There were a few versions of the lure which also corresponded to a few different length measurements. Shakespeare in their first catalog made its lures almost out of opposing or different materials. Its Revolution and Worden Bucktail line up out of metal and its Sure Lure and Evolution out of rubber. The lure shown in the gallery is the second version having the straightened box swivel and the earliest having a floppy box swivel. Both versions having a forward and rear spinner to keep the lure straight upon retrieval. The Evolution lure¬†featured two treble hooks coming off the pectoral or abdomen portion of the antique lure and the rear of the lure having one hanging off the tail. The lure was made of a painted rubber to look like a shiner minnow with eyes and two red gill marks.

In my 1916 Shakespeare Antique Lure Catalog they show it listed in 3 different sizes

No. 3GAE – Length of Body, 2 1/2″
No. 4GAE – Length of Body, 2 3/8″
No. 5GAE – Length of Body, 4″

Shakespeare lure collector and fellow NFLCC club member Dan Zemke added “In the later production years, it was named the “Shiner Minnow” and available in only one size, 2 3/8 inch, and one color, “shiner”, which is the color shown above. When ordering the “Shiner Minnow”, you could get two “finishes”, S or T… which was a hook reference, treble or single. I have seen these in a handful of different colors. Including red/white, perch, all silver, and even luminous which i found questionable”

Shakespeare Evolution Lure Photo Gallery

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