Roller Flasher Antique Lure

///Roller Flasher Antique Lure

Roller Flasher Antique Lure

Roller Flasher Antique Lure

The Roller Flasher Antique Lure was fist introduced in 1949. This lure was made by the B & J Tackle Company of Detroit Michigan. This antique lure measures 2 1/2″ in length. The lure has painted eyes and the bottom of the lure is thinner than the top. The lure has a single forward line tie and diving lip which is inset back into the lure.

The bottom thinner section of the antique lure has a metal strip on the sides adding flash appeal in the water. The brown withe red lettering box states it’s “The Plug with the flash of a spoon”. The top section is a traditional painted eye lure which was available in different colors. The lure has two treble hooks to secure its catch, the middle it attached via a washer screw eye. The first example in the gallery below is housed in a wonderful condition lure box, the second showing a variation in color.

Roller Flasher Antique Lure Photo Gallery

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