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Paw Paw Bonehead Antique Lures

Paw Paw Bonehead Antique Lures

The Paw Paw Bonehead Antique Lures are a very distinctive and identifiable series within the Paw Paw Antique Lure line up. The Bonehead refers to Paw Paws molted brown spotted or striped finish. The antique lures were first produced in 1956 and lasted for roughly 8 years. The lures were always found with the tell tale rhinestone eyes, some that were clear and or sometimes ruby in color. I have photos of most all the antique lures offered in the Bonehead finish and will share over time.

We have a nice Paw Paw Southern Swamp Minnow Lure in on Consignment this week, click below to view.

Paw Paw Southern Swamp Minnow Lure

If you have Lures you would like to Consign or Sell, please contact me.

The Jointed Swap Minnow was 2 3/4″ inches in length and was a series #12-B. The smallish antique lure has a un-jointed brother as well in Paw Paws lure lineup. The lure shown is housed in the typical plain wood grained Paw Paw Box and I’m uncertain what era or outfit might have sold these for them.

Paw Paw Bonehead Jointed Swamp Minnow Lure Gallery

The Paw Paw Southern Swamp Minnow, is a Model Series 8555.  This 4″ molted brown finish wooden antique lure was always adorn with the rhinestone eyes, sometimes clear other times with a Ruby color. The Southern swamp minnow has 3T, or trebles attached via surface rig hardware and has both a front and aft unmarked prop. This version inside the Bonehead line up is one of the harder to find in the series so a great opportunity to add a tough one to your collection.

Paw Paw Southern Swamp Minnow

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