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Fishing for History

Fishing Tackle Consignments

Fishing Tackle Consignments

Fishing Tackle Consignments Service. Have lures, reels, rods or sporting items to sell? Let us help you. Yes we directly buy items for our collection too, but if you’d rather enlist our help to make sure you receive current market value, let me help by selling it for you. Have a collection your need to sell, interests changes, or selling a few to buy a few more, let me help.

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Professional Service Providing Fast, Easy Process, Easy to Understand & Confidential

2 Decades of Sales Consignments, Direct Sales & Ebay

Past 2 Term Regional VP of the NFLCC (National FIshing Lure Collectors Club)

Current Webmaster for O.R.C.A. (Old Reel Collectors Association)

Member of FATC (Florida Antique Tackle Collectors)

Antique Tackle is my Job, Im neck deep in this hobby (Pun intended if you know me) if you’d like to read about why, the front page of this site gives insight (Teaser, Mailmen and Pitbull’s dont’ mix) and this link, well this link, was the icing on the cake. I’ve taken a few negative personal situations, and made it positive, embracing what Ive always enjoyed as a hobby and turned into my life with the help of an awesome wife, family and friends. In a strange way, this hobby, and fishing, has saved my life and got me back out of the chair and into life again.

Collaboration Saves an Eye and a Life

if youd rather watch a video than read 

Making News: Ocular Melanoma

Yes, I sell more than just lures, reels and rods of you have other […]

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Tight Lines Tuesday The First Kingfisher Lines

Tight Lines Tuesday The First Kingfisher Lines

by John Etchieson

Its Tight Lines Tuesday The First Kingfisher Lines ; Between 1890 and 1905 the E J Martin Company Kingfisher brand was granted a registered trade mark by the U S Patent Office for each of three slightly different variations to the artwork that was used on their first Kingfisher brand fishing line labels. Finding any one of these 100 + year old label variations today would be considered quite a rare find due to their age and extreme scarcity. However, finding all three of these label variations on the smaller sewing thread type size wooden spools would be considered next to impossible. And, in fact, these three examples shown here represent the only complete set currently known to exist today making them the rarest of those first Kingfisher lines from the 19th century.

Comments or questions may be sent to John at johnsetch@aol.com

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Charles Murat Mureel Lure

Charles Murat Mureel Lure

The Charles Murat Mureel lure is more than a lure, but a transcendence and a story of a man affixed and entrenched into the Surf Striper Industry. The lure was created by Charles Murat or as his friends called him, Charlie. Charlie was the owner and lifeblood of Murat’s Tackle Shop, which started around 1946. Murat’s not only sold the Mureel Lure, a self-confessed copy of a Creek Chub Giant Pikie Minnow Lure. At Murat’s, they sold boats, accessories, and probably more than anything Surf Casting and Striper Rods. By anyone’s right, Charlie Murat was a famous rod maker, and wrapper. At his shop in North Smithfield, Woodstock, Rhode Island, it was a hub of not only those looking to acquire bait and tackle, but those looking to learn and fit in with the North Shore Striper class.

In doing my research on the Mureel lure, I learned a great deal about Charlie, not just the specifics, but in listening to other people describe the man, and his life and those that rose up around him. I had written some of this article a while back if you use dog years for the time stamp, but a blink of an eye for how you view life when we self-reflect. I wrote part of this article two years ago, before my own body reviled its own dirty little secret. While now at the age of 45 the secret exposed, I have been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer which inflicts less than 2500 people a year. I like to think that I draw certain parallels with Charlie, as with my own approach to life as I move forward, determined to distance myself from the 50% mortality statistic by […]

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Creek Chub Beetle Lure

Creek Chub Beetle Lure

The Creek Chub Beetle Lure was first introduced in 1931. Made in Garrett Indiana by the Creek Chub Bait Company this antique fishing lure was a model series number 3800. Produced for 23 years this wooden antique lure measures 2 1/2″ in length and weighs in a 3/4 oz. The lure uses bead eyes instead of the traditional realistic glass eyes. The Beetle has two trebles the first one secured by the traditional cup rig and the rear is fixes inline at the end of a trailing leader. The trailing leader also uses mother of pearl type flashers as an attractant.

The beetle comes standard in only a half a dozen color finishes however it can be found with variants and other special order colors.

50 – Yellow Beetle
51 – Green Beetle
52 – Red & White Beetle (Shown Below)
53 – Orange Beetle (Shown Below)
54 – Gold Beetle
55 – Black Beetle

The Catalog cut below is from 1931 the first year year it was produced and discusses it’s features and functions.

This lure is meant to represent a ” Water Beetle” and travels quite deep, in use it should be reeled at a moderate to fast speed or trolled moderately fast, you will not find it revolving or twisting the line, always runs right side up. Non-fouling hooks, the extended rear hook with spinners is a sure cure for “short biters” and the flashing iridescence of the pearl blade makes this lure irresistibly attractive. Equally good for lake or stream. Fine for small mouth. Finish shown is 3850.

1931 Creek Chub Beetle Catalog 1931 Creek Chub Beetle Catalog

The Creek Chub Beetle Lure Photo […]

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Bamboo Lore Notes on Making, Wrapping, and Repairing Bamboo Fly Rods

Bamboo Lore Notes on Making, Wrapping, and Repairing Bamboo Fly Rods

In Bamboo Lore, Edwin Thomas Whiffen (1874 – 1957) was a prominent outdoor writer in the 1910s and 1920s who led a varied and fascinating life. A native New Yorker, he spent an active career as a teacher in New York City. A graduate of Syracuse University, he was also a notable playwright and poet, as well as an amateur herpetologist. He published widely in his lifetime. Whiffen was also an outdoor writer in the 1900-1920 period and prominent in the pages of Outing, Forest & Stream, Outdoor Life, and other popular sporting journals. His subjects were as eclectic as he was, ranging from a defense of the Carp as an American sport fish (one of the earliest such articles) as well as fly fishing for Adirondack Frost Fish, a species of whitefish now endangered of which almost no other outdoor writers took note. Whiffen was also a rodmaker, who taught many contemporary outdoorsmen how to build their own rod from scratch through his popular articles in the sporting press. A man not bound by tradition, his writings are unlike any other rodmaking writings out there, and are filled with fascinating tidbits of information gleaned on the stream. He was a major advocate of very light fly rods at a time when this was almost unheard of, as well as a proponent of one-piece rods as superior to jointed models. He was fishing a six foot fly rod of his own make in 1914! Reproduced with original illustrations, Whiffen’s rodmaking writings are collected here for the first time with an introduction by Dr. Todd E.A. Larson. They will hopefully rescue Whiffen from obscurity, and help inspire a few people to make their own rods […]

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Creek Chub Jointed Pikie Antique Lure

Creek Chub Jointed Pikie Antique Lure

The Creek Chub Jointed Pikie Antique Lure is certainly one of the companies mainstays. The Jointed Pikie has a history that spans roughly 5 decades, or 50 years of fishing lure production. From various lure colors, the evolution of eye differences, lure composition, size of diving lips the Jointed Pikie has seen them all. Helping date the lure itself with its single (Post 1936) to double line tie (Pre 1935) this antique lure evolved, stayed relevant with fishermen and certainly has with antique lure collectors as well. 

The antique fishing lure was given a model series 2600. The Deep Diving version shown below is in one of Creek Chubs prettiest fishing lure colors when in nice condition like the antique lure shown, Mullet. The Color code is 07 on the Creek Chub Bait Company’s color chart. This wooden glass eyed example is shown with a deep diving lip, single line, in its correct end stamped box 2607DD and period lure box catalog. Although they probably used the same die cuts for catalogs for some time, the 1931 catalog below touts the new lure as having a wonderful wiggling motion. Even greater than its famous Pikie Minnow lure.

The 1931 Creek Chub Bait Company Catalog states: This new Jointed Pikie has a beautiful wiggling movement, flexible and sinuous, which we believe makes it a still better fish getter than our famous Pikie minnow No. 700. Fishermen everywhere are acclaiming it the most perfect lure ever produced. Changing speed while reeling in adds to its attractive action and seems to create in the fish an irresistible impulse to strike. It is a very easy caster and does not  run quite so deep as the No. […]

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Creek Chub Wiggler Antique Lure

Creek Chub Wiggler Antique Lure

While it may have taken years to refine the Creek Chub Wiggler Antique Lure was the first lure ever commercially produced by the Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett, Indiana. The year, 1916, the World was in the in the middle of what it termed as the “Great War” or WWI. While its grasp was felt around the globe it wasn’t strong enough to quell the formation of what would become one of the largest and most significant fishing lure companies to date.

The Wiggler would grow into one of Creek Chubs most celebrated lures and would make what was a almost half a century appearance in it lure line up. This wooden antique fishing lure was given a model series number 100. Although there are slight differences the lure would measure roughly 3 1/2″ in length and weigh in at 3/4 oz.

With the lure being the first produced it is no surprise that we will see quite an evolution to the lure as improvements and changes were made to it and other Creek Chub lures. You can find the lure in its earliest stages with a washer rigged hook hardware. It would then develop into a few different Cup styles to hold its 2T, or trebles.

With more changes then to the physical hook hardware the lip would evolve going from a Plain lip in 1916, to one having its named stamped on the lip in 1918. The lip would then be produced in what turned out to be its most widely known lip with the name and patent date in 1921. It would see its final evolution into the improved lip in 1936.

The Wiggler can be found with both No Eye, and […]

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The Home Rodmaker Book

The Home Rodmaker Book Building Saltwater, Bait Casting, and Fly Rods from Wood & Bamboo

In The Home Rodmaker, Stillman Taylor probably taught more people how to make fishing rods than any other writer of the 1900-1930 era. Yet today, he is virtually unknown even to the most advanced rod makers and fishing historians. How did someone so prominent in the field of rodmaking disappear so completely? The answer lies in the publications for which Taylor wrote. Unlike almost every other rodmaking writer known, Stillman Taylor did not target the fishing audience of sporting periodicals. Instead, he used his skills as one of the nation’s prominent “how-to” writers of the day to pen a number of rodmaking articles for Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, etc. These magazines had subscription bases that dwarfed even the most widely read sporting periodical, and moreover, were read by handymen and women of a mechanical bent for whom his writings would have been easy to follow. Without doubt, he convinced a number of these readers to make their first rods from scratch. In this volume — the 10th in the on-going series on classic and overlooked rodmaking writings — all known rodmaking articles by Stillman Taylor are collected for the first time into one handy volume. They include how to make a saltwater rod, one of the very few detailed articles on how to make a classic wooden saltwater rod ever published, as well as articles on making one, two, and three-piece rods, bamboo fly rods, and baitcasters from various woods. Dr. John Elder, noted rodmaker and former president of the Old Reel Collector’s Association, notes of this book: “Stillman Taylor was an excellent teacher and most everything in this book is clear and would be very helpful to anyone who […]

Creek Chub Baby Wiggler Lure

Creek Chub Baby Wiggler Lure

The Creek Chub Baby Wiggler Lure was first introduced in 1917 and lasted all the way through 1954. This antique fishing lure made by the Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett Indiana was given a model series number 200. This lure is the smaller version of the longer 100 Wiggler and measures in at 2 3/4″ in length. This widely popular lure was the second lure produced by the company. The Featured lure is an early gold wash washer rigged intro model.  The lure is in a Copper Scale finish. During the first year of production you will find a few different color or flavors of sometimes the same named color, such as the Yellow Shiner Scale. These early washer rigged units are hard to come by and are usually the center piece to early Creek Chub or Wiggler centrist collectors.

The Creek Chub Baby Wiggler Lure is a wooden lure that can be found both with and without glass eyes. You can find it with a single or double line tie, even with a marked or unmarked lip. The standard cup rig hardware can be found on most, however if one looks hard you may be lucky to find a washer rigged on. The lure utilizes two treble hooks like its bigger brother the series 100.

The lure can be found in a dozen standard colors as well as a host of uncatalogued examples produced over its 37 year lifespan.
The 12 standard Colors listed in the 1931 catalog that can be found are as follows.

00 Chub Scale
01 Perch Scale
02 Red and White (Shown Below)
03 Silver Shiner (Shown Below)
04 Golden Shiner
05 Red Side / Dace
06 Gold Fish (Shown […]

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ORCA November 2017 REEL NEWS

ORCA November 2017 REEL NEWS

The ORCA November 2017 REEL NEWS  has been published and has something for everyone! This edition’s front cover features an amazing Bradley reel bearing a historic inscription. The Reel News has a fascinating story to go with, entitled “Never say Never”. ORCA President David Lehmann recognizes the extraordinary efforts of our Branson ORCA National Convention organizers and introduces a number of new key ORCA personnel. Reel News editor Richard Lodge provides coverage about our Branson convention including recognition of our newest Honorary Member John Elder, our outgoing President Betty Barr and all of the convention contest winners. Everyone had a great time! Breakfast with the Board and the new ORCA Strategic Plan are also covered in detail.

Reel lovers will enjoy reading about “The Arbeco Reels of R. Blackington & Co.” which is the subject of Dr. Todd’s article on Reels of the Trade. Roger Schultz discusses the 2 variations of the 1914 Meisselbach Free Spool Surf Reel. Victor Koury explains the fine points of certain collectible Ambassadeur reels. Renzo Di Paolo discusses little known facts about big game reel maker Everol and his visit to their factory in Italy. Reels you may actually have on your collector shelf (or tackle box) are covered in “Smooth-casting Johnson closed-face reels”…. and this edition has much more to offer. If you are not already a Reel News subscriber, Join ORCA today and see what you have been missing, visit ORCA today @ www.orcaonline.org

ORCA November 2017 REEL NEWS ORCA November 2017 REEL NEWS

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Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures

The 2018 Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures

In the Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures; Everyone has an opinion on what a vintage fishing lure is worth, but there is only one way to know for sure: find out what similar or identical lures have sold for in the recent past. But this is not as easy as it sounds. On-line auction sites delete all records of sales older than three months, and many of the rarer lures only come up for sale every year or two. So how can you reliably tell what any given fishing lure is worth?

The Book is now available for pre-order by clicking below

The 2018 Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures

In The 2018 Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures, noted collector and author Matt Lollman has collected 10,000+ actual sale prices of thousands of different fishing lures from hundreds of different companies. From on-line auction and forum sales to speciality auction houses to in person show sales, Lollman has given the following details for each entry: Company (including company city and state), Lure and Model Number, Color, Era, Detailed Description, Material, Condition, Month of Sale, and actual sale in dollars. Now you can quickly and conveniently find out the value of thousands of different lures! Includes 24 pages of color photos of lures and rare lure color charts. As opposed to value guides, which estimate the sale price of a fishing lure based on the author’s experience, The 2018 Whitefish Guide eliminates the guess work and gives only actual verified data. Rather than rely on someone’s estimates, you can now better establish the value of a lure based on actual sales data from the past two years […]

Paw Paw Platypus Lure Rainbow Trout

Paw Paw Platypus Lure Rainbow Trout

The Paw Paw Platypus Lure Rainbow Trout was first introduced in 1941. This strange looking plastic, raised painted eye lure, was the Paw Paw Bait Company model series #3500. The lure originally called a Wham Doodle, which was made of wood with whats referred to as an alligator eye. The lure features two sets of small treble hooks on each side of the lure adjoined with unique hardware, the same of which appears on the Flap Jack lure. The lure has always been popular with collectors and was available in many different colors to look for. I’ve never figured out what they were trying to mimic, possibly a small duckling.

Some of the colors that available and the corresponding color numbers are:

01 Perch Scale 
04 White with Red Head
06 Shad Scale
07 Pike Scale (Shown Below)
08 Frog
23 Dace
24 Rainbow Trout (Shown in Gallery)
25 Orange With Black Spots
29 Black with Silver Flash (Shown in Gallery)
34 Yellow with Black Spots
39 Golden Shiner
40 Purple Scale

Paw Paw Platypus Lure Rainbow Trout Gallery

Paw Paw Platypus Lure Black with Silver Flash Code 29

Paw Paw Platypus Lure Pike Scale Code 07

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