Moonlight Jointed Pikaroon Lure

///Moonlight Jointed Pikaroon Lure

Moonlight Jointed Pikaroon Lure

Moonlight Jointed Pikaroon Lure

The Moonlight Jointed Pikaroon Lure was first introduced in the early 1920’s. This jointed version of the Famous Pikaroon made by the Moonlight Bait Company. The lure comes from the acquisition of the Silver Creek Novelty Work’s either through ingenuity or process. This wooden glass eyed minnow was given a model series number 2000. With the lure and it’s wiggle action in mind the lure is hinged just forward of its mid-line.

The lure resembles that of the straight version, a flatter horizontal antique lure than most of the round body underwater minnows on the market. The front half having its two glass eyes, with its nose tapering to a point. Just back from its tip of the nose of the lure is it’s single forward line tie. The lure uses the simple screw eye to hold its two treble hooks.

The lure came standard in six different color finishes. Moonlight used some of the typical color palates of the era as well as expounding on a few using it’s wonderful rendition of the Deep Blues and Golds and Yellows.

Jointed Pikaroon

2000 Series

More Lifelike than our jointed series cannot be designed. – Countless experiments have proven that this one pattern is most effective – theyre so attractive, so lifelike – that the big fellows cant resist them. Made in a range of colors that will suit the most finiky Bass or Pike.

2001 – Red Head Gold Body

2003 – Green Scale

2004 – White Body Red Head (Shown Below)

2007 – Gold Scale (Shown Below)

2008 – Blue Scale

2009 – Yellow Perch 

$1.00 Each 

Moonlight Jointed Pikaroon Catalog Page

Moonlight Jointed Pikaroon Catalog Page

Moonlight Jointed Pikaroon Lure Photo Gallery

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