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//LS Mirro Reel

LS Mirro Reel

LS Mirro Reel in Box

The LS Mirro Reel is a nifty miscellaneous reel. The antique reel born of the same make as the famous L&S bait Company, out of Bradley Illinois and Clearwater Florida.The marketing behind the reel was to couple or ride upon the already successful lures and make it a combination that fishermen would request. The model was a 4610 and came with 10 pound test already wound upon the reel spool. These don’t turn up too often and the one I owned years ago shown in the gallery was brittle and not functional. Maybe a good reason that you don’t find this antique reel around too much.

The flyer touts:
Amazing Strength and Durability – Made of Stainless Steel and Space Age Materials
Exceptional Light Weight – Only 4 Ounces
Adjustable Automatic Drag – Surer then the Human thumb to Prevent Back Lash
Casts with Bulls-eye Accuracy – Goes Farther More Freely with More Feel, All the Way!
Fast To Retrieve – To Control Lure or Fish with Ease
One Hand Control – Of Cast, Snub and Engagement
Easily Dissembled – By A Simple Quarter Turn Twist

LS Mirro Reel in Box Photo Gallery

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